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Shenzhen City, the old elevator renovation "slow" – Shenzhen Channel – original title: poor safety of the old elevator renovation "slow" the old elevator renovation, and often difficult. Pictured reporter recently shot a lift in an old residential area. This column is the picture of the Shenzhen daily news reporter Xie Bing shooting and data pictures stand high, see far. Chinese there is an indescribable feeling of "high", many people buy houses, high-rise residential, a high-rise auspicious, therefore always expensive. However, after entering the high-level, the product to the height of the cold taste: more than and 10 years of experience in the use of elevators, serious wear and tear, and its security concerns. Want to replace the new elevator, not only the views of the owners, the source of funding is also a problem, many owners plagued Shenzhen. Reporters learned that, at present, there are nearly ten thousand old elevators in Shenzhen, the next five years will be an annual rate of increase of 5000 units. The transformation of all parties in the conflict, the maintenance of the body is not enough to buy a new elevator, plus households all have opinions, to reunification, transformation of the old elevator said of an aged person. Shenzhen old elevator retirement difficult in 1982, is located in the Friendships Building, Luohu Commercial District installed a new elevator, the building 7 a total of 14 elevators. Today, these 80 has reached 34 years old". Friendships Building property services companies from 2010 to the street office, the owners put forward new proposals, and successfully won the government subsidies and manufacturers concessions, the owners need to bear 40% of the cost. To say that everyone agreed to change the elevator, you can not find the money to pay. The Friendships Building are facing difficulties of many tenants and owners, tenants do not want to pay for a ladder, owners living abroad to contact, and some owners only agreed to change the elevator do not want to pay, the number 2/3 can not reach the law. The elevator is old and easy to fail, and many owners who have lived here for a long time hope to use the new elevator immediately, but it is very difficult to realize this idea. In front of the situation is that Friendships Building elevator renovation plan to promote six years, only part of the elevator update. In Merlin home, posting notice of the transformation of the old elevator has been yellow, writing color faded, but the elevator is still no signs of renewal. Many tenants here are also confused to remodel, the owner is a joke, "there is going to be dismantled, can change the elevator". Examples like Friendships Building and Mei Linju are in Shenzhen. Reporters visited in recent days found that many of the District of Shenzhen has proposed the transformation of the old elevator demands, but really can advance the landing on time, but not most. The old elevator about million reporters from the safety supervision department of Shenzhen city market supervision and Management Bureau of special equipment to understand, as of November 14, 2016, the City Elevator number exceeded 140 thousand, behind Shanghai, Beijing, ranked third large and medium-sized city, has more than Hongkong and Hunan etc.. The past five years, the city’s elevator increased nearly 10000 units per year. At present, the city uses more than 15 years old elevator nearly 10 thousand units, the next five years will be an annual rate of increase of 5000 units. According to the technical institutions of the old elevator safety assessment data show that the assessment needs to be updated about 10相关的主题文章: