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Shimen village, a quiet village – Sohu tourism scenery, mountain and water in Shimen County of Qingtian city is located in the village of Oujiang River section of north shore, formerly known as "Hong Kong port", is the practice of Ao village, an obscure village, here for generations to fishing for a living, is a quiet small village. Fishing village in the morning. Day micro light, there is in the Oujiang River fishermen started fishing. The sunrise flooded the Oujiang river. Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines stye stye photography photography distant fishermen began fishing nets, should be full of harvest. Xiamen Airlines stye light photography. The day slowly lit up, to close the net. Photography photography photography style style Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines style we stayed in bed and breakfast, across the river. This is what we live in. The boss is a B & B, two building B & B, nouveau riche, and a five storey mansion. Shimen fishing village in the vicinity of the Shimen cave, climbed to the top overlooking the entire fishing village. Can hear the beep sound train every day, for a long time, did not hear a little habits. Living accommodation can also enjoy authentic Qingtian delicacy. Qingming fruit, tender head the Qingming grass, washed and boiled and soaked in cold water, then dried into powder, then mixed with glutinous rice powder, add sweet and salty stuffing, cooked can be eaten, very delicious. Homemade bamboo shoots fried pickles. Xiamen Airlines style Sauteed Tofu, Home Style photography. I did not expect the village also have mutton ah. Bracken. In the evening the Xiamen Airlines style homestay photography, relatively simple decoration, but very warm, feel at home. The bed was comfortable, hot water is suck, small partners wash time had no hot water. Wash station is love ah, small fresh. Photography ShaHang style Elmar, or Smecta hand sanitizer. Photography ShaHang style hot water suck. Inn recommended index: five stars boarded the fishing village after the mountain, overlooking the entire fishing village. Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines style style photography photography highlights the characteristics of fishing fishing village in the development of tourism, the village all in the development of B & B. Another, this is our inn boss, can be a luxury. We are also free to visit. It is said that the bed is worth ten thousand dollars. There is a lovely doll. Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines style style photography photography this is another fish culture as the theme of the hostel, a courtyard in Shimen. The lights are full of fishing culture. There’s a little bar at the front desk. Good characteristics of the boat, highlighting the theme of the fishing culture. Plum flower. Photography photography photography style style Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines style相关的主题文章: