Silver case about the details of the trial, the suspect police homicide is purely fun (video) ca1290

"Silver case" about the details of the trial, the suspect police is simply killing for pleasure during the period of 2006 -2012, Gao Chengyong in the building Baiyin Baiyin cotton factory rental. Beijing News reporter Wujiang photo shows 3D silver suspect prison life calm sleep appetite too in August 26th, "silver serial murder suspect Gao Chengyong" silver by the police to arrest, the police so far, his trial has been more than half. From the police in years of Wang Yang (a pseudonym) of the occupation experience, the suspect was placed on the "iron stool", the first reaction is often or deny, or give an irrelevant answer. No criminal suspect, like Gao Chengyong, is so calm about how to kill and run away. The interrogation room, Wang Yang and other police to see, there is no big waves on his face, the tone is also less ups and downs. Poured like, what, what he said. He unavoidably recalled every case details, has not expressed apologies for the dead and their families. It took a long time for Gao Chengyong to police the police, from shock, anger, to getting used to his way of speaking. "You can’t imagine his calm, calm fear. People too cool, actually is a purely mechanical numbness, killing for pleasure." Trial of ten crimes of silver, Baotou crime together, Wang Yang has been involved in the investigation of the case and the relevant interrogation work, police and Gao Chengyong between the two questions and answers, impressed him. For the first time, the policeman asked, "how old is your little son when he is eight years old?" Eric Gao Chengyong, ten years old. Another time, the police asked 1998, Cui Mouna case, you cut a plurality of human organs, how long does it take? Gao Chengyong thought for two seconds, calmly spit out the word: five minutes. Wang Yang said, he looked at Gao Chengyong, a fire in my belly, almost picked up a fist at him on the mouth smashed a punch, and all of a sudden, calm down. Over the years from the police career, Wang Yang see more people, I think there is a mood swings, but Gao Chengyong, really did not see when not calm." He felt strange that more than 20 years, the time of the 11 cases, Gao Chengyong remember clearly, and even accurate to. On ordinary people, may not be back. The police speculated that he might have kept a diary, went to the house and found nothing. Gao Chengyong held the silver in the detention center, police officers are high Chengyong feedback, stable mood, appetite, meal will require smoke, will ask for something else — he is condemned, torture is a special, intermediate fetters and handcuffs will hang a chain, he said his waist disc, I did not sleep well. Wang Yang heart whispered: this you have to, allegedly killed so many people, but also eat, sleep well. "One can imagine what this person’s mental state is like." During the trial, Gao Chengyong also teased a policeman, he said "Yintang shiny, promising ah, everyone was so angry that he did not move. Gao Chengyong’s confession, and the current disclosure of some differences. Official informed that Gao Chengyong nine in the crime of silver, Baotou crime from the two. And Gao’s own confession, he committed ten crimes in silver, Baotou together. It is understood that, in the same period, Inner Mongolia occurred in five cases of similar cases and conditions and cases of manual.相关的主题文章: