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Sing Lixin: Wedding wreaths are arrested man in what is the Hotel Comments – Sohu to do wedding door is bursting with happiness, someone sent a wreath. Recently, there was something bad happening on the rooftop. From a photograph taken by a netizen, a man stands in front of a hotel with a wreath, and many people stand around to watch it. But a lot of cars parked next to the hotel is, looks like a wedding banquet. (02 2016 22 August Zhejiang online) marriage is a happy thing, but the man in the wedding to others sent wreaths, how much hatred actually do so outrageous things, human life may be so knot a marriage, the couple let the people must stir wreaths I think that we feel unlucky, these people will be strangers to each other hate this person, no matter how large the gap between don’t do that again, please send wedding wreath detained man in mind. You may think that at that time, but you want to think about other people’s feelings, if this is your wedding someone sent you a wreath, what do you feel, I want you in this life will feel very unlucky, we do things before the first to consider to do so in the end? If you do not think is wrong, people living in this world is really not easy, no one in this life will not stumble, the problem is solved in time is not finished, say nothing. Do not stir up trouble, not afraid of things, if provoked to solve. Everyone will experience this groundless talk life, mind your own mouth, don’t talk nonsense, momentary gratification, "remarks to a warm three winter, cold in June wounding words," to use your mind, Binji prudent, so many useless, young people evil nature, your enemy, manage their legs, if you want to revenge a person, should consider the consequences of doing so before going out. I want to say is that the people live a day, that is lucky, they should cherish life only lasts for a few decades, don’t give yourself more regret, the man in married someone sent wreaths, I thought it was just for a moment, after some regret, the regret not selling drugs. Life is not if there is Everything is going smoothly., always find a solution, not what can not solve, don’t hurt those innocent people with this extreme means, may our society in the future no harm, every family is happy. (Wen Li Li Xin)

唱丽新:婚宴送花圈被拘请问男子在想啥-搜狐评论  酒店里正在喜气洋洋地办婚宴,门口却有人送来了花圈。近日,天台发生了一件让人觉得晦气的事情。从网友现场拍的照片来看,一名男子拿着花圈站在酒店门前,不少人站在周围观看。而旁边停着不少婚车,看样子酒店里正在办婚宴。(2016年02月22日浙江在线)  本来结婚是个高兴的事,可是这位男子在别人婚宴上竟然送来花圈,有多大仇竟然做这么让人气愤的事情,人的一生也许就结这么一次婚,让这个送花圈的人搅的这对新人一定觉得晦气,我想就是我们这些素不相识的人都会恨死这个人,无论之间有多么大的隔阂都不要做这种蠢事,婚宴送花圈被拘请问男子在想啥。  你也许觉得一时痛快,但请你换位思考想一下别人的感受,如果这个婚礼是你的有人给你送来花圈,那么请问你的感受是什么,我想你这辈子都会觉得很晦气,我们做事前首先要考虑一下这样做到底对吗?如果认为不妥就不要做,人活在这个世上真的不容易,没有一个人这辈子会没有磕磕碰碰,有问题及时解决不就完了,熟话说没事不惹事,惹事不怕事,既然惹了就要解决好。  每个人这一生都会经历风风雨雨,管好自己的嘴,讲话不要图一时痛快、信口开河,“良言一句暖三冬,伤人一语六月寒“说话要用脑子,敏事慎言,话多无益,不扬人恶,自然化敌为友,管好自己的腿,如果你想要报复一个人,出门前要好好考虑这样做的后果。  笔者想说的是,人活着一天,就是有福气,就应该珍惜,人生短短几十年,不要给自己留下更多的遗憾,这位男子在别人结婚送去花圈,我想当时只是为了图一时之快,过后一定很后悔,世上没有卖后悔药的。  人生在世没有一帆风顺的,如果有隔阂总能找到解决办法,没有什么解决不了的,不要用这总极端手段伤害那些无辜的人们,愿我们社会今后没有伤害,每个家庭都幸福快乐。(文 唱丽新)相关的主题文章: