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Smart phone market who can laugh to the end? HUAWEI to change the status quo – Sohu technology before the main market statistical agencies have released the third quarter Chinese intelligent mobile phone market report, from the ranking, there is no doubt that the intelligent mobile phone market has entered into the era of intense competition. So the question is, in the future competition in the smart phone market who can laugh to the end? Deep in the high-end HUAWEI ranked Chinese market first despite the various market statistics agency data gap, but from the seating, HUAWEI remains unchanged domestic market in the first place, and still maintain growth. According to the market share of well-known research institutions GfK data display, 2016 Chinese in the smartphone market, HUAWEI mobile phone market share has increased from 17% in the first quarter, in the second quarter of 18%, to the third quarter of 18.2%, HUAWEI mobile phone continued to maintain ranked first in the domestic smartphone market. At the same time, Strategy Analytics latest research report pointed out that in 2016 Q3 China smartphone shipments grew 15% over last year, reaching 121 million. HUAWEI to 15% of China’s market share to maintain the first. So what is the reason for HUAWEI mobile phones to maintain such a steady growth? GfK analysis shows that, in an increasingly grim situation in the market, HUAWEI deep in the high-end market, continue to achieve scientific and technological innovation and breakthrough. Indeed, in which the P series, Mate series, MateBook as the representative of the flagship product has been recognized and loved by consumers around the world. Among them, HUAWEI Mate 8 popular reputation over the same period last year, global sales growth of more than 65%. HUAWEI P9 and P9 Plus listed three months sales of more than 4 million 500 thousand units, both in overseas and domestic, P9 sales growth over the same period last year more than 120%. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to selling products, in the brand, HUAWEI’s marketing focus on the world’s top level, starting design, consumers of fashion, entertainment and sports fields, in the transfer of the HUAWEI brand concept at the same time, deeply connected consumer life style and emotion, HUAWEI brand awareness has been improved. 2016 HUAWEI brand value of $18 billion 652 million was once again selected BrandZ world’s most valuable brand list hundred. BrandZ said that consumers in many countries around the world tend to buy domestic goods, which not only push up the brand value of local brands, but also to help them capture market share from the global brand. In the case of HUAWEI, 2016 HUAWEI’s brand value rose 22%, to $19 billion, ranking the 20 ranking, to fiftieth. BrandZ said HUAWEI has captured market share from apple and samsung. Over the past 10 years, the world’s most valuable brand brand value of more than doubled in the top 100, an increase of up to 133%. Brand value is calculated based on the financial indicators such as income and profitability, combined with consumer brand awareness survey. It can be seen that HUAWEI with its excellent product quality and brand stickiness, in the future will certainly earn.相关的主题文章: