SMG trend the Gallic Rooster hope victory over European Red Devils in blocking

SMG trend: the Gallic Rooster hope victory over European Red Devils in blocking the SMG trend on Friday 008   French VS  game time: 2016-10-08 02:45 Bulgaria recommended: let the ball wins   Score: 3-0, 2-0 France, the pre Hussein without the injured captain Lori Mandanda will return, Crystal Palace 2 goalkeeper position it is very stable, the 3 goalkeeper intense debate in Paris, Saint Germain gradually squeezed out of the upper Aguirre ora Ryan Kirsti M, originally selected the Barcelona defender Mathieu announced its withdrawal from the national team, his replacement Mangala also subsequently injured, Paris teenager Jin Pengbei accidentally selected for the first time, and at the same time also named Bilbao’s young defender Laporte, Inter Milan midfielder hole Libya, Arsenal center Giroux and small Dortmund winger Dembele unsuccessful, hoping the Real Madrid coach Didier Deschamps in the FA center Benzema to play for the national team situation, still choose to ignore. Bulgaria, Bidefu coach at the end of September to leave, coached dynamo Zagreb, has played in 94 world cups and 96 European Cup Petar Huub Chief became the national team coach, lack of 5 round qualifying players in his first list, another 5 players look forward to the national team debut. The French first round upset Belarus draw, the game will fully rebound, optimistic about the Gallic Rooster home court victory. On Friday 011   Holland VS  Belarus game time: 2016-10-08 02:45 recommended: Sheng   Score: before 2-1, 1-0 Holland coach made the old blinder as many as 31 people list, then reduced to 23, Tottenham goalkeeper, defender Vlaar, Alkmaar VOM Newcastle midfielder Anita and Eindhoven striker Luke De Jong and other 8 people were from the list of Schalk on the Waterford striker Huntelaar, Defender Jan Matt and other 6 players also missed the list, 21 year old Faye Nord defender Carlsberg dorp was first elected to the national team, more than 27 year old players only captain Schneider and goalkeeper Stekelenburg two, Bayern veteran Robben recently resurfaced, and on behalf of the national team’s desire is not weak, but Blinder in the club and communication, or did not choose him into The list. Belarus first announced the list of 30 people, then out of 7 people, including defender Igor Shitov lost due to injury, is the fight of the year when midfielder Bala Aganovich and Enya Hayiqike also somewhat unexpected, defender Keluobo Nowitzki was selected for the first time. Belarus is a defensive team, the first home court upset draw with France, this visit will hang in the end, Holland wants to win is not easy. On Friday 012   VS  Hungary; Switzerland game time: 2016-10-08 02:45 recommended: flat, negative score: 1-1,   0-1 Hungary coach Stolk made small adjustments to the list, the.相关的主题文章: