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UnCategorized Your toddler might not care about clothing in the least, but kids in early childhood definitely have preferences when it come to what they wear. It can be cute and endearing to wake up one day to discover your 4-year old daughter has a pretty good idea for matching colors and styles. It might not be so endearing when she starts refusing to wear anything but her "favorite" clothes. Unfortunately, getting kids to put on what parents want is a big source of great upset in many households. In the morning, there’s a struggle about dressing for school or daycare. In the evening, it’s about putting on pajamas. Either way, the experience can leave parents desperate for an end to the constant battle. Parents often overlook a simple way to end the battle over clothes with their kids. Parents can choose to purchase clothing items kids actually like and want to wear. As adults, we insist on wearing clothes that feel good and make us look great. Taking the same approach to kids’ clothing can make dressing for school, play or bedtime fun for kids instead of a nightmare. Many parents shop at big box retailers and discount stores for children’s clothing Kids outgrow clothes so fast, the the thinking goes, why bother to invest in quality items? On top of that, it can take time and effort to shop for quality clothing kids really want to wear. What parents don’t realize is it will all be worth it when their child looks forward to about getting dressed every day! Kids who have clothes they really love to wear enjoy dressing in them every day. Not only school clothes but bedclothes, too can be a source of happiness for a child when parents buy items kids love to wear. A child who loves her fleecy lounge pants or fuzzy shorts isn’t likely to balk at putting pajamas on at bedtime. In fact, popular styles of pajamas make great leisurewear kids enjoy wearing around the house any time. One thing parents should insist on when it comes to selecting kids’ clothes is quality. Parents are often surprised that even young children can detect differences in quality in clothing. Cheap pajamas aren’t as comfortable, warm or soft as quality pj’s. They also tend to fade and lose their shape as well as their softness over time. Quality pajamas, robes and lounge pants on the other hand stand up to frequent washings. Quality flurr pants and fuzzy shorts are comfortable and fun to wear and they stay that way. They keep their unique texture throughout wash after wash, and their colors don’t fade, either. Check the pajamas that are in your child’s closet today and you might be very surprised at the poor shape most of them are in. If the same is true of play clothes and school clothes, do you really blame your child for not wanting to get dressed? When it comes to children’s apparel, style may matter, but quality is what’s really important. Discover how easy it is to get your child excited about her wardrobe. Choose quality kid’s clothing that looks and feels great to wear. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: