Song of the ocean, China’s box office over the overseas art stick to a satisfactory feedback-borderland

"Sea song" at the box office China counter ultra stick art has been successful overseas back to Oscar for Best Animated Film Nominated film "sea song" has been released in Chinese on August 12th, released less than two weeks, the box office exceeded 15 million, including more than America, Britain, Germany, South Korea and other overseas more than 20 countries total about 2000000 at the box office. Released in two years of delays, the adverse external environment of Internet piracy rampant, the film is obtained such excellent performance at the box office, not only reflects the appreciation of art film fans China acceptance and gradually improve, also let people see the film Chupin Huahua media to pay for the film’s efforts and adhere to on art. "Sea song" and according to the Irish folklore selci elf adaptation, tells the story of a seal with the appearance but can be turned into adult form girl Saiorse wants to come back to the sea story, in which she and her brother this after thousands of insurance, eventually decided to stay with the family living together. It’s taken the way of making hand-painted by frame, which lasted seven years produced visual effects director Tom Moore and exquisite beyond compare, art director Adrian Murray will cover the myriads of changes lights and the sky, even the moist air into the film, the film overall reveal exotic rich. The film has received Oscar award, Anne Award nominations, and won the eighteenth Shanghai Film Festival Jin Jue Award for Best Animation Award, numerous honors are in evidence of this is a world-class animation film. In Metacritic up to 85 points, rotten tomatoes freshness of up to 99%, more than more than 20000 viewers through the IMDB for the film to give a high score of 8.2, the public’s reputation is almost zero. However, awards and reputation is not equal to the box office, how to make the film as accepted by the market, let more China audience into the theater, to maximize its artistic value, Hua Hua media everything, the planning team, public relations, media relations network of omnibearing attack, full use of VR, super, cinema and other physical resources, the realization of a family of cable TV on demand, entertainment, real entertainment Internet assisted movie content, not only shows a mature film company’s strength, but also shows the art of respect and sincerity, and Chinese market also gave the film a Chinese birch group feedback. Hua Hua media said that the film market development, commercial films driven by vitality, also need to improve the quality of art film, and the film is done in the promotion of commercial films of artistic value, expand the art film commercial road, finally let the audience enjoy more high-quality film, this film is individual’s responsibility.相关的主题文章: