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SONY Xperia XZ experience: as a flagship, really enough? Sohu mentioned SONY technology, music lovers will think of Walkman’s brilliant; game enthusiasts will not forget PlayStation crazy; photography enthusiasts will come up with a full frame of alpha 7 series; even if the laptop is also obsessed with game player, once VAIO. In contrast, the number of mobile phone users is difficult to remember the first time on behalf of SONY mobile Xperia, perhaps the reason behind it is worth pondering. After many iterations, SONY recently in Beijing released the latest flagship series of Xperia XZ Xperia X Performance, due to the first half of the year has not appeared in the country, after XZ became the Xperia Z5 series, Xperia X Series in the domestic debut. Millet 3 real machine spy, like beauty Xperia, this Sony Ericsson sub brand, starting from the first X10i to a two year, even more the pace of rapid iteration. This series of Xperia Arc Xperia S sexy waistline, Ling Rui zona and from Xperia Z to Z5 Omnia Balance, the color of the place is to let SONY mobile station in the design of intelligent mobile phone industry commanding. But from the spy photos leaked, the appearance design of Xperia XZ is controversial. Because a lot of people think that XZ design is not Xperia, it is very Lumia, or more specific, too much like millet phone 3. So that the children in love (micro signal: iFanr) related comments area, there are readers message said, this is hanging SONY Logo millet 3 Pro". Despite these subjective impression, Xperia XZ real machine than the previous spy photos a lot of good texture, even more than the official figure. The real machine in hand, "too much like questioned millet" in an instant disappeared. Prior to the Xperia Z series of double-sided glass design has become the past, starting from the first half of the X Performance, the new X series are introduced a large area of metal design elements. The back of the XZ for the majority of ALKALEIDO magnesium lithium alloy, this material has good rigidity and thermal conductivity, and excellent electromagnetic shielding. As the processing technology of SONY, this metal material brought a glass like appearance to the XZ, clear and shining. This unique texture in the quiet blue performance was quite prominent. However, the same as the bright black iPhone 7, the best use of Xperia XZ to wear a shell, or prone to oxidation points or scratches. But it may also be because of the characteristics of metal materials, XZ in the middle and the lower part of the plastic cover. Although SONY Delta as much as possible相关的主题文章: