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Source of information seamless reorganization bring forth the new through the old rationality and necessity of questionable hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you remember the day Wu Zhengyi, bring forth the new through the old editor Sun Fang the "seamless reorganization" mode, is the source of information of the "experimental field" quietly sprouting. With 2 billion 600 million heavy restructuring plan after the resumption of trading, power source information yesterday ushered in the fourth trading board. The source of information to start a special background of this industry mergers and acquisitions is that the previous company due to the restructuring of supporting the financing problem has been unable to complete the landing. Difficult to speculate, under the catalysis of a reorganization of the new shares, supporting the financing problem of the source of information will also encounter the previous restructuring smoothly done or easily solved. "The launch of a new round of restructuring has not been completed in the previous restructuring case, this case is very rare." State securities mergers and acquisitions business stakeholders Zhengbao reporter said that the rationality and necessity of this model is worth considering. According to the restructuring plan of the source of information, the company intends to "increase + cash", the purchase price of 2 billion 630 million yuan Zhao Jiasheng, Zhao Yanping, Liu Ping, China life holds a 100% stake in Wuhan Powertek, which indirectly holds Hongkong Powertek and Powertek 100% stake. At the same time, source of information intended to Gao Huiyi, people, and the sea core Houtai fund, Jiutai plan, Nanjing Feng with the issue of shares to raise matching funds 1 billion 315 million yuan. Issuance of shares to buy assets and supporting the financing of the issue price increase was 11.03 yuan per share. As the report card before the date of publication of the "ride" key man "reorganization of the above, as a gem companies, the core design of the reorganization of the source of information, during the suspension of listed companies by the target company Wuhan Powertek cited China Life assault shares, thus greatly diluted shareholding ratio standard the company’s actual control of the Zhao Jiasheng family. At the same time, a source of information on the actual control of Zhao Make’s mother Gao Huiyi will invest 120 million yuan in supporting financing. Through the "two pronged", the same actual controller status to Zhao Make, so as to avoid the gem backdoor box. Is relatively rare, out of the reorganization plan when the source of information, the company has not yet finished previous acquisitions, independent financial advisers and the two reorganization are Huatai securities. Back in September last year, the announcement, the source of information disclosure of the restructuring plan, intends to issue 13 million 43 thousand and 500 shares of Li Wenjun and Qiang Yanli with the price of 13.8 yuan per share, and pay 180 million yuan in cash to buy up electronic 100% stake; at the same time, the company intends to non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds does not exceed 360 million yuan, of which 180 million yuan for the payment of cash consideration. Another 180 million yuan was used to supplement working capital and payment of agency fees. Fixed financing will increase the issue price determined by inquiry. To December 17th last year, the acquisition of the Commission approved the document, valid for one year. However, nine months later, the underlying assets of the delivery and supporting financing has not been implemented. Therefore, in this restructuring plan相关的主题文章: