Spiritual Healing Think Yourself Thin-k-boxing

Health Have you ever wished that some fairy godmother would fly into your life, wave her magic wand over you and disappear your obesity? With 65% of our population obese, I guess we could all agree the fair godmother fantasy doesn’t work. I have learned that I can think myself thin and experience self healing and I want to share that with you. How do I know this? My experience has taught me. I’ve been a large woman for many years. In fact, from the time of my birth, there was never a time that I didn’t think I was fat because my parents nicknamed me Patty Fatty. I wasn’t fat then, but I always thought I was. I carried this mistake forward through my grade school and high school days adding to the shame and dis.fort of thinking I was fat, until my mind just couldn’t hold all that input and had to burst forth as a fat body. If you’ve never looked at the idea that thinking is causative, I’d re.mend you do a little bit of research and see who’s tried to tell you this. Shakespeare tried when he had Hamlet tell us: ‘For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’ St. St. John knew it when he said to us ‘let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus’ – in other words, think as he did. I think the Moody Blues nailed it on their album cover which said ‘I think, therefore I am, I think.’ And Ayn Rand said ‘I am, therefore I think.’ I’m confident you know lots more examples. I’m hoping that gathering a whole bunch of them together here from varied sources gets you to considering the validity of thinking being causative. I know that thinking so makes it so because from the first time that concept was taught to me, I was also taught to apply what I had learned. Now how should I do that’ I think before I tell you that, it would be very helpful for you to understand one of life’s most important laws and that is the law of Cause and Effect. It’s very important to get them in the right order so that when you begin to do your thinking to make yourself thin, you understand what’s at work in this process. Cause causes. That is it’s function. Effect is a no-life manifestation that is the result of the activity of cause, causing. What happens is a three-step process: cause has a desire for something. It begins to think about that thing. It conjures up as many details and as much meaning as it can about that thing. When it arrives at a convinced state that those details are true, its own conviction creates the thing it was thinking and that created thing looks just like the thinking that preceded it. Let’s reword that paragraph to allow you to see how this works in your life. Your mind, thinking, causes. That is it’s function. Effect is a no-life manifestation that is the result of the activity of your mind thinking and thus causing. What happens is a three-step process: you have a desire for something. You begin to think about that thing. You think up tons of details about your desire and you think deeply about their meaning. Once you convince your mind that the details your spelled out are absolutely true, it is your sense of absolute conviction that will manifest forth some object which looks precisely like what you’d been thinking. Let me show you that as a formula: I want + I think = I have. I’m confident that each of us has had the experience of wanting something and having it show up rapidly on the scene. It astonishes us. We say ‘Why, that’s amazing. I was just thinking about that!’ We classify it as a coincidence. It’s not a coincidence. It’s the Law of Cause and Effect at work. Moving from this ‘Well, maybe she could be right’ perspective, to the next stage ‘Hey, I’ve understood her words and I also know how to put it into practice’ is a quantum leap that requires a lot of practicing. Here is the way you practice it. Create a picture of what you truly want to look like. I call this a Mind Model. I try to have at least 30 separate details that .poses the whole picture called ‘my perfect body.’ You can create those details by first thinking of five subsets of your main idea – my perfect body. One might be, my skin shrinks taught as my muscle size decreases. Then, for each of those five subsets, write five more descriptors. At the end, you’ll have 30 new ideas and those 30 ideas will be.e the fullness of what you mean when you think ‘my perfect body.’ You next need to actually do the necessary thinking. Think those 30 thoughts three times each day for a minimum of fifteen minutes. It might help to light a candle to keep your attention focused. While you are doing this thinking, shut out all interference. Turn the radio, TV, and telephone off. You’ll want to keep your mind focused only on the task at hand. As you think these thoughts, wrap them with the strongest sense of conviction of their truth that you can conjure up. Gradually, as you begin to focus your thinking, you will be able to extend the time you simply sit there and do your thinking work. As you do your thinking work, try to imbue into it a sense of expectancy and an sense of absolute conviction that your thinking my perfect body makes you a perfect body. Repetition is mandatory. You didn’t learn your times tables in one study period. You didn’t learn to play the piano in one lesson. It takes practice. Also, even the most disciplined minds cannot hold one thought for very long, so it is necessary to repeat to keep the mind focused on your desire for a perfect body. It might even be helpful to re-read this article and be sure you’re .fortable with the way you think you understand this process. If you have the smallest seed of faith in this process, it will grow larger and as you do the work, your conviction will be.e stronger and stronger until you won’t be able to think the former way you thought about yourself (the fat way) and the new body you dreamed of will emerge. Persevere in this work. I know this how’ I’ve just lost 35 pounds through my own assiduous mental work. I wish you the best results! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: