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Staycation, the house in the hotel is also a holiday – Sohu and summer just over eleven, the national day once again, recently, from time to time buddy asked me where you go to the sauce, so for fun, take the baby to go? Although there is no actual experience with the baby, but often and fashion hot mom who mixed together, for the "bear children", I still have little idea: take the children out of the house, not is a good thing, but take them, to consider things much more: not yet up will go baby, the better "control", as long as the good daily equipment (such as clothes, diapers, wet wipes, dry towel, handkerchief, towel, bath towel, baby laundry detergent, thermometer, small bottle feeding, towel, sunshade, one or two small toys, even to Bao Baoca body filled with water and portable small pots, portable reclining stroller, baby sling or waist stool etc.), can let the baby go out in the outside is also easy to adapt. Have to consider the baby alive and kicking, which is more suitable for indoor and outdoor children free, environmental safety, but also to find a suitable baby dining place. No Oh! I feel a lot of trouble! But the hot mama said, sauce, you think too much, in fact, take the baby out is not so complicated, moreover, the house in the hotel, is also a good way to take a holiday oh. So, I followed the hot mom and baby came to Nanfeng Super Hotel, with baby vacation house hotel tour experience in the city, with a fashion statement, that is "staycation", vacation. Is located in the heart of Guangzhou Pazhou new central business district of Guangzhou Nanfeng Super Hotel, the initial impression to the person is high-end, clear, tough, landing glass mixed tall steel frame design, set off the window of blue sky and white clouds, highlighting a business temperament. Only two minutes walk from the hotel to reach the China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall, close to Xingang East Road subway station, traffic is very convenient. Lobby, floor design, it is a simple style of high cold, after all, in the exhibition area, look at the business is suitable for guests. Do not know such a hotel, what is particularly attractive to the children. In each layer of the original Langham corner position can be transformed into suites, childlike parent-child theme suites, room put a colorful tents, tents there are many lovely plush dolls, children see immediately ran into the first time. To tell the truth, not to mention the baby, even I want to lie down to see it. And I didn’t bring the baby (where is my baby!) So, just stay in bed room, the continuation of the minimalist style, only a few pink roses, highlighting a careful and romantic. Floor window sill, the curtain is opened the whole room is very bright, work here, the efficiency will be higher. Pink is the main color of the hotel, as if to reveal that the hotel also has a girl heart. Customized welcome, or with me.相关的主题文章: