Step by step excellent combination of the transition period is more than a malicious brush-punyu

Excellent step combined with the transition period is now more than a few malicious brush single network about the car platform in the past year was malicious brush single trouble, in strengthening the anti fraud monitoring, malicious brush to be curbed. But recently, in the transition between the Chinese and the merits of the merger, excellent step and more malicious brush case. This month, 5 and 11, 2009, Beijing, Ms. Zhang met with the driver of the best step of the two case of malicious brush. Ms. Zhang told reporters that she had chosen the location on the train left near the village, but the two single driver did not arrive at the designated place began to travel, "call in the past, one is empty, one can not be connected, and then opened a few hundred meters on the end of the trip, later received a chargeback reminder" Ms. Zhang also said, "no, customer service phone APP excellent step, I follow the process after the filing of the application, there has been no refund." According to media reports, the Mid Autumn Festival, the country appears more excellent step ghost car". The so-called "ghost train" is after the driver orders, not to contact passengers, not to pick up passengers, and not to the car before the passengers began to travel, less than a minute to complete the trip, then direct debit, fare 10 yuan in general. These "ghost car driver" picture distortion, pale, black lips, the driver’s phone can not get through. In this regard, and further told reporters yesterday that the report mentioned in the case is caused by drivers brushing behavior, excellent step will continue to attack this kind of behavior, and actively collect evidence to the public security department, criminals will be brought to justice, to protect the interests of passengers and drivers. Previously, Beijing and Shanghai were the court verdict on the net about car scalping case involved due to fraud, the highest jailed for a year. If you encounter a similar problem, you can directly contact with customer feedback, the resulting fare, customer service and technical departments to verify the full refund as soon as possible. Insiders believe that the current drops are in a transition period with excellent step, both departments have begun to integrate some functions overlap, and excellent step related business China employees also began to adjust the position, the larger personnel changes, the original district China yuho anti cheat business leader Dr. Yin Zuoning served as easy the vice president of Technology, anti cheating business before Yin Zuoning in the region responsible for Chinese yuho. In other words, in the transition period of China’s excellent step and step, responsible for the best step of China’s business has been responsible for the anti fraud, it is no wonder that there will be a ghost car drilled a hole in the best technical loopholes. > > related pieces of optional times ride passengers owner JINGWAH (reporter Hao Shaoying) yesterday, announced the ride drops product revision, hoping to establish a more efficient travel connection. The new passenger ride drops of commonly used route settings, passengers can choose the owners; owners can set up automatic orders, take the initiative to invite passengers ride, as well as the new owner of passengers mutual concern and other functions. After the last drops of passengers ride ride sponsored trip, can only wait for the owners of orders. In the new version, passengers can take the initiative to talk to the owner. In the new version, the passengers after adding common route, you can see the passengers are looking for the owners and the owners on the way to travel, and sorted according to the degree of drop percentage. In addition, passengers can take the initiative to apply and the owners concerned about each other,相关的主题文章: