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Strategic-Planning A cleaning service needs no degree. It does not require you to have a good experience or referrals from your previous job. In a cleaning service, all you need is to be good with just cleaning. You must have the skill and know-how on cleaning your home or an office. To start a cleaning service, one must be healthy and reliable. Also, a cleaning service business needs a good transportation to travel you to different places and different clients. You dont actually have to start big right away. You can do the cleaning service all by yourself. All you need is dedication, motivation, and hard work. Yes, you will see that its very hard to do everything all by yourself. However, once you have established your name and be.e recognized through your services and end result, you may be lucky and start opening a business of your own. Start it off by having a small capital. If you accumulated at least a few hundred dollar bills, then its enough to start your business. Use that money to buy the necessary tools and supplies that you may need for your cleaning business. To save you money, buy your purchases at any discount stores. You can look for a durable cleaning machine that is durable and cheaper at the same time. For your cleaning products, opt for the store brands. They only sell at lower prices. Next, take in clients with a small pay. It may not be easy, but you have to start from scratch. You may give out business cards to friends and acquaintances, and let them know about your new cleaning services. Ask them for help if you can and re.mend you if they know somebody who wants a small office or a resident house to be cleaned. Invest in a phone. A mobile phone is very dependable and useful nowadays. When you want to transact business or inform your clients of the schedule, or make arrangements of purchases in a retail store, a phone is a tool that you can rely on. Wherever you go, you can be reached at any time, any day. However small your cleaning service may be, have yourself advertised in yellow pages of the phone book. This is inexpensive and way better than not having your business advertised at all. There are some people who dont read newspapers and would rather look for paid services in a phone book. If a client phones you and says he found your name in the yellow pages, pat yourself at the back. Once you generate profit, save it. Youll never know, this may be the only way for you to start your own small business and .pete in the cleaning business world. See: How To Start A Cleaning Service 相关的主题文章: