Suzhou to build new green park to create a real garden city-pork face

Suzhou to build the new green park to create a real "garden city" in 18, the Communist Party of Jiangsu province China thirteenth Congress opened in Nanjing, put forward to make Jiangsu the sky bluer, the water clearer, more fresh air, and strive to achieve a fundamental improvement in the ecological environment. Suzhou as a garden city, green park is not only the city’s green lungs, but also a good place for people to fitness and leisure. In the future, Suzhou’s urban greening, but also what surprises? The reporter saw in the old zoo animal, after the move, here is very quiet, at the scene, golden yellow leaves are covered with the entire garden, in this view, people can not help but sigh, is really too beautiful, but we also understand that the future of the region. Will be built into a set of entertainment, fitness and leisure in one of the open park, when people can work together to enjoy this rare happy. According to the plan, the amphibious Museum, class turtle pond, will be playing a classical garden and leisure areas; herbivorous animal area will be changed to the original waterfront lawn, and the beast area will become the fitness field, after the transformation, it will become the largest ancient city of Suzhou city leisure park area, open to the public free of charge. This year, Suzhou also completed the Garden Expo, Taihu lake ecological recreation zone, Huqiu wetland park green landscape greening along the Central Expressway, a large number of new green project. The future, Suzhou will complete the historic ring belt, Renmin Road, Shishan Park, canal park and other key projects, strengthen the old city park, the old village green upgrade, for the urban garbage transfer station renovation, the old village renovation project to increase the number of small garden, let the public enjoy more the green life.相关的主题文章: