Taiwan people broke the news the Ministry of transport research funding 500 million results no one t yuria

Taiwan people broke the news: the traffic department of funds 500 million results no one – Beijing China Taiwan network November 14th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan Ministry of transportation is responsible for research on traffic transportation policy, but "legislators" but Zheng Baoqing broke the news, published in 2015 101 where the transport research achievement report provide, earthquake, bicycles, highways and other suggestions, including 69 reports downloaded less than 3 times, 64 more reports are actually in January 1, 2015 breath here, just for a job to question the Institute of transportation. The legislature Transport Committee today to review the Institute of transportation budget, "legislator" Zheng Baoqing questioned, the Institute of transportation of an annual budget of nearly 500 million (NT, the same below), research results did not see; there are 200 million personnel costs, the Institute of transportation staff a total of 164 people, an average person spends 1 million 220 thousand, do the fundamental research is all for a job? Taiwan authorities, Transport Minister Chen Dan he said, transport policy in seeking solutions, is not to say that the Institute of transportation didn’t mention it, or a job.相关的主题文章: