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Taiwan, retired generals attended the activities to be questioned by the authorities announced Cai original title: Taiwan retired generals attended the activities, suspected of "selling" by the authorities announced Cai [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Cui Mingxuan] landing taiwan retired lieutenant general Wu Sihuai et al the day before, at Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s birthday, held the 150 anniversary of the general assembly, and to listen to President Xi Jinping speech. 14, the proposal for a thorough investigation of the matter, and consider the abolition of their retirement funds and medal, medal etc.. According to the Taiwan free electronic newspaper reported that the DPP legislators Liu Shifang, Luo Zhizheng et al. 14, the proposal said, Wu Sihuai, Wang Wenxie and Xia Chou et al two last week to participate in the army after the Admiral Hsu Li nung organized the Zhongshan Strait Whampoa  "activities, then, in the official held in Beijing Great Hall of the memorial ceremony, which in 2011 Wu Sihuai retired lieutenant general, has over 3 years of control period, land exchange, travel" but when Chinese no ground for blame, the official of China’s hostility is not off, he should pay attention to during the words and deeds and participate in activities of nature, especially the nature of political activities, should avoid endorsement for the other position". The proposal said, many people attended, the official activities is to ignore the "Department of defense" and "retired servicemen" norms, and without regard to social perception, the more serious the military defense to defend Taiwan brothers feelings, therefore recommended "Department of defense" "veteran" and MAC and other relevant units to investigate the the case, and to consider the abolition of their pension retirement and related medal, medal. The DPP legislators Chen Ting Fei said the documents would be canceled orders and retreat pension, this is "necessary" and require immediate treatment". Reported that the Ministry of defense on behalf of Bai Honghui did not raise objections, the proposal passed. On the same day, retired generals landing list was exposed, a total of 5 generals, the generals and the top 16 will be a total of a total of 32 people, of which the largest army of origin. General will include Xu Linong, Cao Wensheng, Wang Wenxie, Shen Guozhen and 5 of the. Asked the DPP legislators Yao Wenzhi, add up to the 32, the rank of whether there are 50 stars? Taiwan’s National Security Bureau, deputy director of the third Lai Yuncheng said, there should be". Huang Yushun, director of the National Security Bureau, said, the National Security Council has suggested that the Commission, the law will be amended by 3 years to improve the control period of up to 6 years. Deputy chief of staff, said Wang Xinlong, 14, retired personnel to participate in the official activities of the land, I personally think is not appropriate". The DPP "legislator" Li Junyi also claimed that, in addition to the birth of Sun Zhongshan, his master to have other retired generals attend the National Day activities in mainland China in October 1st. According to the landings caused controversy, retired lieutenant general Chen Xingguo to assist in organizing the activities of a pedestrian that Hsu Li nung did not sell Taiwan ", is to attend a conference in honor of Sun Zhongshan," Sun Zhongshan is the father of the Chinese Republic, now we do not honor?" Taiwan’s National Security Bureau, deputy director of the third Lai Yuncheng admitted that these 32 people have exceeded the limit period, landing is not illegal. There are comments that, to commemorate Sun Zhongshan, retired generals attended the general assembly, is based on emotion and memory of nature only, do not need to move to cut back their pension. Taiwan army reserve Major General in 14, Beichen issued a document called Wu Sihuai 2相关的主题文章: