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Talk about the car charging that Sohu cars for the mobile phone depends heavily on patients with me, whenever the mobile phone power below 50% and happens to be at this time and need to go out when the heart is disturbed. The following scenes often appear in my life: navigation side with the original USB interface for mobile phone charging while using in the car, arrive at the destination after unplug the cable, mobile phone prompts "power shortage"… Now… Friends, would you like me to despair? It does not matter, a good car charger can solve this problem. – why the original car USB interface to buy car charger? Now most of the new cars have been the original collocation USB interface, but the basic charging speed and USB interface on the computer as the speed of a tortoise, was barely able to cope with mobile phone charging, charging iPad, if this kind of flat electrical equipment are insufficient. In fact, at the beginning of this embarrassing situation is not uncommon, I believe many of my friends have encountered such problems. Generally speaking, this kind of situation is because the USB current is too small. Here is a misunderstanding, some car USB interface are made as audio data transmission in the design, so that the current USB interface only about 0.5A (voltage about 5V), although the mobile phone also has a charging plug charging reaction, but often slower in the side by side filling when the mobile phone battery even "living", it is so to purchase an additional charging head on a cigarette lighter is necessary. How to buy a car charger for pick – car charger is learned, many of my friends have to click on the "price down" habits, in the electricity supplier shopping for car charger, but not cheap! Select brand products (see product packaging), recommendations for the selection of more than 20 yuan a qualified charger requirements are many, the most important of which is provided with a circuit overload protection, as in the case of short circuit, it can immediately cut off the power supply and charging equipment to prevent damage. In order to save costs, some small factories in the production of car charger when simply simple "insurance". At the same time, some unqualified car charger can not be regulated, resulting in steady flow fluctuations, it is easy to cause severe fever and charger charging equipment, have a certain impact on the mobile phone, security. To sum up, no good cheap goods, good goods are not cheap, so according to the cost calculation, a qualified car charger price should be more than 20 yuan, so we suggest that in the purchase of car charger selecting more than 20 products. I am the dismantling of the two cars full of contrast, the brand car charge both in the internal structure and the workmanship are better than brand-name car charge several grades. The key is that the car is not inferior fuse, it will bring risks to safety. In addition to actual mobile phone charging, Hodge car charge temperature reached 62.1 degrees Celsius, to know when the temperature reaches 47 degrees Celsius, touch will burn pain; temperature greater than 50 degrees Celsius is likely to burn blister formation!相关的主题文章: