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Tang Emperor: tact version than the beggar version but this is not the iPhone itself is a recent foreign website to do such a test: test software with a Basemark called OS II to the different capacity of iPhone 7 run, after the conclusion, the capacity of 128GB iPhone7 to read and write speed is far better than the 32GB version in a flash memory. If the test results from the actual data, this is true, 128GB version of 32GB flash write were 308 Mbyte s and 39.6 Mbyte s, a difference of nearly ten times, read is 926 Mbyte s and 691 Mbyte s, also sent nearly 1/3. A foreign website to test the iPhone 6S and two kinds of iPhone 7 read and write speed (standard red part is read and write speed), but the result is really the case? In fact, if you buy a SSD solid state drive or a large capacity U disk, you will find a similar situation, the greater the capacity to read and write faster (and more expensive). This is not a deliberate attempt to make more money, but SSD natural reasons. In the main control, such as flash memory chips are the same, it is indeed the larger the capacity to read and write faster, and the reason why the number of flash memory chips. Solid state disk, for example, the same master two SSD, a 32GB, a 128GB. Using a single chip capacity of 16GB flash memory chip, then the 128G SSD requires 128 16=8 chip flash memory chip, 32GB is the 2. SSD read and write, the data will be read and write multiple flash memory chip. 8 chips work together, with the work of the 2 chips, of course not the same. Similar to the iPhone test in the last iPhone 6S who had done, but also the gap is amazing, so there is the difference between TLC and MLC flash, apple intends to slow the beggar version speed, etc.. The use of said, in fact more unnecessary entanglements, even 32GB capacity, read and write speed is enough to meet the demand for camera shooting; it copying large files of this operation, I am afraid it will not do every day. Xiao Guang ( );      相关的主题文章: