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"Tekken 7" producer: Fighting Games and gaming is the perfect Tekken 7 area (Tekken) recently, "Cinderella" series of soul Harada Katsuhiro talked about the "gaming elements" Tekken 7 in an interview with foreign media. He said that E-sports will also change with the development of the industry, fighting games will have their own events. "Tekken 7" host version and the PC version will be released in an interview in 2017, Hong Sheng Harada said: "fighting games and electronic athletics is the perfect match, and electronic athletics is an important part of game development. This is not an exception to "Tekken 7" also. Although many competitive types of games, such as shooting class or MOBA are based on the team, but the fighting game in this area has its own advantages." "Play a game player in a fighting game, usually need other people singled out this way to show every personality and style of game player, between the strong you come to me is very interesting to watch, no matter who wins can make people full of excitement. finally. It can even be seen as a boxing match or something. I personally think that the fighting game into the competition is a great thing." Harada Katsuhiro moment, "Tekken 7" developers are doing all we can to make this new work in electronic athletics more friendly. In fact, to some extent, this is one of the recent results of the big bang. In the last year, the number of electronic sports competitions worldwide has reached millions of people. Harada Katsuhiro think fighting game and gaming is perfect "Tekken 7" PC, PS4 and Xbox is expected to make landfall One platform three earlier in 2017, Japan in the arcade version already on sale last year. Harada Katsuhiro also said they had launched the "Tekken 7" pay DLC to seriously consider the feeling to be empty wallet. (source: swim fast edit: Okami) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: