Ten of England’s most expensive player Hukou man Manchester United Manchester City.-k-boxing

England is the ten most expensive Hukou player: Manchester United Manchester City strongman Carol, Warren Stones and Stryn is a England player single transfer the top three players in England, Stryn (49 million pounds), Stones (47 million 500 thousand pounds) and Carol (35 million pounds) occupied the single fee before three. However, the previous transfer of the total value of the rankings, the top three will be them? The day before, the British "sun" inventory of the England players, the total worth of the top ten, the highest single pen transfer record for more than a few players still in the list, but this list, there are still some unexpected existence…… Tenth: Lescott: total worth 29 million pounds (5 million pounds to the wolves Everton, Everton to Manchester City 22 million pounds to 2 million pounds, Manchester City West Brom) in wolves emerge, Lescott came to Moyers’s a few years to grow into one of the most powerful defender in the premier league. Since 2006 joined Everton, Lescott played 142 games in the Toffees, scored 7 goals, and for the first time in May 2007, the England national team selected. Lescott sound performance also attracted the attention of the premier Jiang, as a member of the city after the "one hundred million plan" in August 2009, he finally landed Ittihad stadium, as a city heavily to build luxury lineup in defence barrier. Lescott was once during Manchester City defender in Manchester, Lescott played 160 times and scored 9 goals, was once the absolute main team, the team won 2 Premier League titles, 1 FA Cups and 1 League cups. However, with the growth of age, Lescott also exposed the widespread problems of the British defender, his lack of ability to protect the rear appeared in some games. The 2011-12 season, although Manchester final parade magically reversed Queen’s park with the champions, but Lescott made stupid mistakes in the final this heading back a key title game, let the other striker Cisse equalised once. The summer of 2014, low-cost Lescott to Thib Bromwich, and then traveled to Aston villa. In Vera last season were relegated after this summer, Athens AEK announced the signing of the England defender, he will continue his occupation career in the Greek giants. Ninth: Scott Parke: the total worth 32 million pounds (Charlton and Chelsea 10 million pounds to 6 million 500 thousand pounds, Chelsea, Newcastle, Newcastle and West Ham 7 million pounds to 5 million 500 thousand pounds, West Ham Tottenham, Tottenham and Fulham 3 million pounds) Parke had to get the best young players in the Premier League PFA in 2003, at the end of the season was Chelsea Chelsea recruited to array. However, his career is not smooth sailing, in the array can only be Makelele and Lampard as a substitute, and did not have much chance to play in the field of the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United states. Although Mourinho wants him to stay in the team, but the desire for Parke to participate in the 2006 World Cup or choose to leave. Joined Newcastle, Parke and Newcastle midfielder Jermaine Jenas together to build a barrier, become)相关的主题文章: