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The 3 day of 31 listed companies holdings of significant shareholders to "harvest" Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my drawing Zhai Chao Securities Times reporter Kang Yin after the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the domestic capital market, listed companies and major shareholders to "harvest". The reduction of the momentum has not slowed down. According to Wind statistics, as of September 21st, a total of 180 listed companies since September, the reduction of the 389 major shareholders, the cumulative cash of nearly $15 billion 126 million. The same period, shareholders and executives of listed companies only holdings of 1 billion 897 million yuan, net cash of $13 billion 229 million. Many companies plan to reduce the Mid Autumn Festival, the market sentiment began warming, the sector stocks began to rebound concussion. But in contrast, the number of issued notice to reduce the increase of listed companies. The evening of September 21st, there is Wu Tong holdings, Nuo Puxin, Tellhow, EPRI issued notice to reduce. The Wu Tong holdings of controlling shareholders and actual controllers of Weifang million sold in September 20th 3 million 935 thousand and 600 shares through block trading, the company’s total share capital of 1.23%; this Lu Baiqiang actual controller and its control of Shenzhen financial letter South Investment Company Limited in September 19th, a total of 20 holdings of shares 11 million 500 thousand shares, the total share capital of 1.26%; Tellhow 1 shareholder Tellhow Group Limited September 20th holdings of shares 10 million shares, the total share capital of 1.50%; EPRI shareholders holding more than 5% Chinese certification inspection group testing technology Co. Ltd’s total holdings of shares 7 million 350 thousand shares, accounting for 1.0135% of the total share capital. In addition, proton and Busen shares in September 21st evening throws reduction plan, the general lead shareholder of Zhejiang Zheshang venture investment Limited by Share Ltd intends within half a year reduction of 16 million 950 thousand shares, representing the company’s total share capital of 4.50% shares of Busen shareholders; Qiu Li plans in March next year before the clearance to dump holdings of 14 million shares, accounting for 10% of the total share capital of the company. It is worth noting that last year the A stock market suffered extreme market, the Commission issued the "No. 18", suspended the controlling shareholders of listed companies and shareholders holding more than 5% and high Dong supervisor through two grade market holdings of shares, effectively alleviate the selling pressure. In January this year, the Commission issued a major shareholder of listed companies, directors and supervisors of the provisions of the high holdings of shares. For the major shareholders of listed companies through the stock exchange centralized auction trading holdings of shares, 15 days ahead of the disclosure of the reduction plan; at the same time requirements of large shareholders within 3 months through the stock exchange centralized auction trading holdings of shares of the total shares of the company, shall not exceed the total number of one percent. Since September, net cash 13 billion 200 million Mid Autumn Festival holiday till the end of the 21 day only 3 trading days, 31 companies have significant reduction of shareholders and executives, the controlling shareholder of Yongtai Yongtai energy holdings in September 19th 114 million shares 454 million yuan in cash, the highest amount; and in an elimination, day boat culture to reduce the amount of cash in billion yuan above. In addition, large science and technology, industrial bank, Nuo Puxin, day, group theory相关的主题文章: