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The 8 sleeping details determine whether you are beautiful or ugly! Sohu – health "health Gansu" by the Gansu provincial health and Family Planning Commission of Gansu Radio Film and television station (Group) CO produced the launch you have such a group of people, they each day than you slept late, get up early every day, but extremely excited like you every day and in fine fig, lack of sleep, more and more haggard? This may be related to the small details of the following sleep! 1 against the wind sleep ancients said: "the wind is riddled with long, swift and changeable; good adjustment, although the hot wind and dew lying under improper." Sleep reduce the body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes, the wind at sleep, easy to catch cold sick. Therefore, the place to sleep should avoid the tuyere, bed and windows, doors to maintain a certain distance. 2 relative to sleep, such as family members, such as husband and wife, father and son, often relative to sleep. This will lead to a gas mostly is inhaled by other exhaled gases, the brain lack of fresh oxygen or oxygen supply, but also easy to cause insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness and fatigue after waking, listlessness. In addition, because the sleep habits of each person is different, playing quilt, snoring, easy to cause the quilt and sleep relatively fall, resulting in two are easy to catch cold, sleep. 3 sleep tired lying on the table to sleep for a while, or some office workers lunch break his head and hands pillow sleep. In addition to affecting blood circulation caused by upper extremity numbness and pain, but also easy to make the intra-abdominal pressure increases, in the course of time will lead to "reflux esophagitis". Cause indigestion, systemic nutritional intake, in the course of time, looking haggard. Many people love 4 hooded sleeping in bed when the head covered, do harm to the brain is very large. Love with his head covered with a quilt to sleep, not to be masked easily cause difficulty in breathing, concentration of carbon dioxide increased, the oxygen concentration decreased, long time inhalation of humid air, great harm to the brain. A long time, it will lead to hypoxia, resulting in sleep well, easy to nightmares. Wake up will feel dizziness, fatigue, malaise. 5 wearing ornaments to sleep some women do not have the habit of unloading jewelry when sleeping, it is very dangerous. First, some accessories are metal, long-term wear and tear on the skin, can cause chronic poisoning in the absorption and accumulation of imperceptibly (such as aluminum poisoning, etc.); second, there are some luminous effect of accessories will have laser radiation, although the amount of weak but long time accumulation can lead to undesirable consequences; third, with ornaments will hinder the body to sleep the negative cycle, which is the reason of local The new supersedes the old., skin jewelry with easy to aging. 6 wearing Bra sleeping bra on the breast is a protective effect, but wearing a bra to sleep will provoke disease, especially induced breast tumors. Experts found that wearing a bra every day more than 17 hours of women, the risk of breast cancer than a short period of time or not wearing a bra bra more than 20 times, this is a long time because breast compression, lymphatic obstruction, harmful substances stranded in the results of the breast. 7 tipsy sleep with the change of lifestyle, now young woman相关的主题文章: