The Advantages Of Laparoscopic Surgery-3edyy

Health Medical science has advanced so much that today surgeons laparoscopic surgery. The term laparoscopic surgeryis usually referred to and means minimally invasive surgery through the performance of some surgical procedures which are done through the help of a video camera and several extremely thin instruments. At the first step of the operation, small incisions of about half and inch or so are made and plastic tubes which are also called ports are entered through these incisions. The surgeon then inserts the camera and the instruments through these ports which allow him to view the inside of the patient. After the camera is inserted into the body it transmits an image of the organs inside the abdomen into a television monitor. The video camera acts as the surgeons eyes in the laparoscopy surgery as he used the image from the video camera which has been placed inside the patients body to perform the operation. The surgeon is not able to see directly inside the body of the patient with his naked eyes as is possible in an open surgery. Laparoscopy surgery has a number of advantages than that of an open surgery. These advantages are as follows: *There is reduced bleeding and hemorrhaging. Thus the need of blood transfusion is negligible. *As the incision is smaller there is less pain and also the recovery time is shortened as the wounds heal quickly. There is also less scarring visible. *The pain from laparoscopic surgery is less than that of open surgery. Consequently there is less administration of pain killing medication. *Though the surgery may take a little longer time than that of an open surgery, the hospital stay is less. At the most the patient has to stay in the hospital for three days after the operation. There are cases where the patient has been discharged on the same day. This enables the patient to return to normal routine life quickly. *As there is a reduced chance of exposure of the internal organs to possible external infections and contaminations there are reduced risk of acquiring any infections. Laparoscopic surgery has now advanced further and today surgeons a use hand access device that allows the surgeon to place a hand into the abdomen during laparoscopic surgery and perform many of the different functions with the hand that were previously possible only during open surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is done even with the help of robots especially the Da Vinci which is a .puter-assisted robotic system that allows the surgeon to expand his capability to operate within the abdomen in a less invasive way during laparoscopic surgery. Da Vinci system allows greater precision and better visualization to the surgeons as .pared to standard laparoscopic surgery About the Author: 相关的主题文章: