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The asset valuation method to the valuation of real estate industry to take the original title: News Analysis: asset valuation method, the valuation of real estate industry how to react? Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October (reporter Han Jie) – ten years after the birth of the asset valuation law will be formally implemented in this year, in December 1st. Experts said that the asset appraisal industry’s first law will expand into a variety of professional assessment including real estate valuation, asset valuation, in the rapid development of real estate market today, which brings challenges to the real estate industry, but also brought opportunities. The introduction of the asset valuation method for the real estate industry to create a legal environment, improve the legal status of the industry, is conducive to the industry bigger and stronger." Learn to China real estate valuers and real estate agents in the 27 – 28 president of Rhododendron held in Beijing on the "2016 China real estate appraisal annual meeting said. With the establishment and development of market economy, China’s appraisal industry gradually grow, forming asset valuation, real estate valuation, land valuation, mining rights assessment, appraisal, identification of the old motor vehicle insurance assessment and other six categories of professional assessment, respectively by the current Ministry of finance, Ministry of housing and urban rural construction, Ministry of land and resources, the Ministry of commerce the CIRC and other five departments of management. Industry development for more than 20 years, there has been no basic law. Since the drafting of the asset valuation law to the introduction of 10 years, due to the legal name, professional division, management system and other major issues and there was a great controversy and was shelved. A significant change in the final legislative ideas: from the unified evaluation industry management system into a standardized assessment, the consensus achieved a greater extent, in July 2nd this year in the twelve session of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress approved by. The cuckoo said, Asset Assessment Act defines the evaluation of professional and professional categories, establish the management administrative system and self-discipline management system of assessment industry in accordance with their respective responsibilities, and to consolidate and deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, to create a legal environment for the whole industry. The new law in accordance with the direction of market-oriented reform, the abolition of the establishment of a number of institutions such as the approval of the examination and approval restrictions, reducing the barriers to entry practitioners, and expand the space for the development of the industry. Data show that, at present, the country has a total of more than 13 kinds of appraisers, assessment practitioners more than 60 people, more than 14 thousand assessment agencies. Among them, the real estate valuers 54 thousand, employing nearly 300 thousand people in real estate appraisal, real estate appraisal institutions of more than 5500. From the industry rules of thumb, real estate appraisal in the six categories of assessment in the largest proportion. From developed countries and regions, the higher the proportion of real estate valuation, generally more than 80%. Shenzhen LaSalle Bank (8.060, -0.32, -3.82%) real estate consultants Limited by Share Ltd chairman Chen Jinsong said that with the development of China’s real estate market, the real estate valuation from services in real estate transactions, tax and housing levy, extended to services in finance, insurance, judicial and capital market, the overseas market, and gradually become an important think tank the government administrative decision-making, and prospects for the future development of space is very broad. However, the asset valuation method also regulate the behavior of the main body of the asset assessment, clear the rights and obligations of the real estate valuation agencies.相关的主题文章: