The beautiful lake to see you through the Tang costume and Tourism – Sohu

The beautiful lake to see you through the Tang costume and tourism paradise – Sohu oxygen play (a) through the Han and Tang Dynasties North Lake to see you wrote: a cross road south photography white, with green quilt, and served as the board. There are more than a sword piano music is not about gold ribbon. Has come to the secluded department, village concert…… Wen said Hunan Chenzhou in September 23rd held the first beautiful rural tourism cultural festival, with the decision of the royal clan and factions representative to explore. A pedestrian village, the first to reach the falls called Xiao Bu cun. That day a time in a hurry, don’t Emei, not feel has been for several years. Over the years, it dove book, not think in small Bu Beihu District village of Chenzhou city by sister, brother. At this moment, a look – but thousands and thousands of words…… These words, Xiao Bu Cun village, Yao township administrative villages and Beihu District of Chenzhou City, preserved buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty 37 buildings, covers an area of 3332?. Living in Kuang, Deng’s two family. A small port was built in the Ming Dynasty Yongle has about 550 years of history, from the marina’s king from Guiyang broken pond sent to Yan, Deng Shiqian in about 100 years to settle the small port, villagers said Kuang’s "ancient people", that Kuang’s migration to the small port in time. Deng Shi Yi from Han Yuan Chong to Linwu tea after about 1500 to about Lashan Xiao Bu settled thrive, Deng’s prosperity since settled, only two Kuang Shi then decaying living small Bu village. Small Bu Village mainly residents of Han people, the house of Komura Yuko, Tang ancestral hall, Furui, Chang Feng temple, the ancient Yi Dao, sage college, Lake Island, Changqing Pavilion, Huaqiao ancestral hall, theatre, temple, temple, hang Ma Ting, Ma, paper tower, Huaqiao, 100 seven Kongqiao, Juren monument, dragon. Wang Zhai, a monument, the construction site in the landscape and other natural law. Where there is water on the aura, small Bu Village built near water, green mountains and rivers reflect ancient architecture, beautiful atmosphere! During the walk, like walking in. Renhe tower, benevolent and also a small port from the village stone along the way, as if through the centuries old lane, swordsman sword to dance. Who is against me? Go to the floor above the sword, copying Liuyi and vampire story, copied the Yidi allusions. Eternal sincerity, interesting, De Yi passed…… Princess wrote garden dream, write miles heshan. Emei Zen dance sword, bright and brave, who? Nobles, literati Magi, sent delegates outside (Village) archery, awfully! Xiao Bu Cun studio Hanfu Hanfu, first-rate. The traditional culture in the small port village is very well preserved, due to local attention, the future will have a better heritage. Farewell to the small port, a pedestrian came to the Rural Tourism Culture Festival – Chenzhou City Beihu District three village visits, old trees, ancient resources of ancient bridges, ancient stage, ancient, ancient river. The autumn breeze Xixi half, along the way, it is also not feel hot. Approached the three village, the first thing is a sunflower sea, a large set of Hunan ancient architecture, romance and aestheticism. Three in a village.相关的主题文章: