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Finance A debt settlement program works off a very simple philosophy. Reduce what you owe so the payments you make will payoff your debt faster. A debt settlement company will negotiate with your creditors to lower the balances you owe. This is typically achieved by the creditor agreeing to remove the interest and late fees accumulated on your account. Creditors are often in favor of this settlement, because it would cost them more time and money to take you to court. It is important to know the benefits of choosing a debt settlement program versus other known options for credit problems (i.e. bankruptcy, debt consolidation, consumer credit counseling services, etc). Debt Settlement is the quickest and least expensive form of debt relief outside of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy should be your last resort when deciding what road to take on your journey to being debt free. The reason being is that bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for up to ten years. Like bankruptcy, most consumer credit counseling services appear on your credit reports. When creditors realize that you are working with a consumer credit counseling service, the creditor typically will notate such information on your credit reports. You heard right, now potential lenders know that you are having trouble managing your finances. Working with a consumer credit counseling service can be viewed as a red flag to lenders. Next, a common misconception is when individuals confuse debt settlement with debt consolidation. These are two distinctly different types of businesses. Debt consolidation works by the individual taking out one loan to pay off numerous other loans (i.e. credit cards). Some say you are robbing Peter to pay Paul with this method. Not to mention, having a low credit score can result in having a high interest rate loan. Remember, debt settlements primary goal is to help you reduce debt by lessening what you owe, not creating new debts. Most debt settlement programs last between 2-5 years or less. The amount of time may vary based on the clients ability to make more than their minimum monthly payment. Enrollees in a debt settlement program are taught the number one thing that would have prevented them from being in their current credit situation. That one thing is making set payments on a specific date. In other words, you simply pay your bill on time. Once enrolled in a debt settlement program, you are then responsible for making one affordable monthly payment towards the balances of your reduced debts. Client compliance is the main reason why some debt settlement programs fail. A good debt settlement company minimizes the amount of work the client actually has to do. By offering an automated payment system is one example of making the debt settlement process more convenient to enrollees. Upon enrolling in a debt settlement program, your credit score will probably get worse before it gets better. This is still a minor price to pay for being given a substantial debt settlement and not having to file for bankruptcy. Most debt settlement companies offer credit repair once you have finished the debt settlement program. The credit repair is often the last stage of the debt settlement program. Overall, debt settlement is an honorable option for those individuals tired of fighting the losing battle against late fees and interest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: