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"The big company" November will reflect "the hangover" men become temporary agents – Entertainment Sohu Zach Ghali Feian Nargis "temporary agents" neighbor "big company" mainland scheduled November 8th Sohu entertainment news "neighbor big company" at the beginning of November is only a Hollywood agent action comedy. The film tells the story of a pair of faces "boring marriage period" husband and wife accidentally moved to the discovery of new neighbor charm is a spy, then they are entangled in a thrilling crisis, in order to resolve the crisis in life, they had to incarnate the "temporary agents" and the new "Smith couple" to struggle against the enemy, set foot on the joke with the action journey. "The hangover" in the funny than fat Zach – Gary Feian played the "Nargis is? Wire couples" husband, if "Wonder Woman" Gail gadot and "mad men" Jon Hamm is the film’s color value play, then Zach and Ella Ann gallifet Nargis Fischer is a contribution to the role of jokes. Zach Ann gallifet Nargis on 2009 "the hangover" fame, won the MTV Movie Award for best Comedic Performance, as Hollywood’s most like a fat man. Learned from the trailer and the number of stills, he plays a specially designed for employees to ease the pressure of the HR staff, and his wife Karen (Ella Fischer) to live the most ordinary couples, children gradually grow up, but they also lost the passion of love, until the next arrival of the couple’s special work, bring great changes to their lives. "Wonder Woman" Gail gadot and "mad men" Jon Hamm the couple let them want to regain their "love fire" in the film, there are some hilarious plot. The director is the director of "the newsroom" Greg Mottola, he is very good at comedy shake burden. He said: "I’ve been curious about what happens to a couple of couples in the next couple of rooms in a couple of crazy events. If it’s from their point of view, it will be a new movie. So he began to think of such a film. My neighbor is a secret agent, which is an interesting thing in itself. A pair of ordinary couples and a high value of Yan cool agent couple, easy comedy collision sparks. ? wire counter attack into the agent, and the audience will see the setting of love." In addition to Zach – Gary Feian the strength of Nargis comedy star, one of the highlights of Wonder Woman "- Gail gadot and" mad men "Jon Hamm the new couple is also the film agent partner. Jon Hamm is Hollywood’s most handsome actor actor, was hailed as "the first man suit". Gail and Duoyin starred in "speed and passion" series is China audiences, because in "Batman wars Superman: Dawn of justice" as "Wonder Woman" and a sharp rise in popularity, she was elected Miss Israel, a pair of big legs suction eye of numerous, is a lot of boys heart "sexy goddess", the star "the big company", she also wore a big show of size to spray nosebleed black lace underwear.相关的主题文章: