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Marriage-Wedding With floral arrangements for a wedding demanding a surprising amount of a couple’s allocated budget, it is important to ensure the perfect flowers to match your wedding style. For many, choosing something just right can be a daunting task, but the key to guaranteeing the perfect floral displays are rooted in the initial search for the bride’s all important bouquet. Before launching into what type of bouquet to use however, it is essential to decide your budget for the floral aspect of the wedding. Once you have allocated this, find a florist with whom you will be able to work. And, be sure to stick to your budget so that you don’t discover any unwanted costs once you’ve set your heart on your chosen arrangements. There are no hard and fast rules when it .es to choosing the right bouquet. To have and to hold, the bride will be the one navigating it down the aisle, so it is important for it to be manageable. Some think that the size of bouquet should be matched to the length of the train on the dress, others feel that smaller bouquets are more fitted to informal dresses or ladies of smaller stature. The important thing to bear in mind though, is your own preference; after all, it is your big day. Cascade bouquets Cascade bouquets are probably the most traditional and formal sort of wedding bouquet. These are designed to be feats of flowing floral beauty, which take on a form rather like a waterfall. Traditionally, it will have a rounded top with trailing flowers falling over the hands of the holder; something timelessly classic and elegant. Arm Sheaves Alternatively, another arrangement with longer stemmed flowers is the arm sheaf. This has a more contemporary style to it and .prises flowers which the bride cradles across her arm. For those brides looking for a chic, modern floral theme on their big day, this type of bouquet could be the perfect place to start. Nosegay bouquets However, rather than having a large flower bouquet to contend with, brides may prefer a smaller, more .pactly styled arrangement. The nosegay bouquet fits the bill here because it is small and rounded, usually with sparsely packed flowers and a significant amount of greenery, which acts to highlight the petals and stems. There is a lot of creative scope here and whether this bouquet is intended for a casual or formal wedding, the incorporation of ribbon around the stems can offer the perfect finishing touch. Posy bouquets Posy bouquets are fairly similar to nosegay arrangements, except they usually involve a little less green foliage and are very tightly packed. These small rounded beauties can be held in one hand so are ideal for those brides looking for something simple and easy to hold. Biedermeier bouquets Akin to this style, the European influenced Biedermeier bouquet can be incredibly striking. This circular arrangement involves flowers of the same type fashioned in a ring form, with a different type of flower constructing another ring. Again, this is a tight structure and the different flower types are often contrasting in colour to emphasise the concentric pattern. .posite bouquets One incredibly intricate option available is the .posite bouquet. This creation is an expensive choice, because its production is time consuming, but for those looking for something special it might be worth that extra cost. With this modern design, hundreds of individual petals are taken and wired together to form a flower, which can be used in a simple way or with many different colours to develop something more .plicated. Flower Bracelets For something .pletely different, a wrist corsage is a more informal alternative to a handheld bouquet of flowers. This bracelet is usually made with small groups of flowers (typically orchids or roses) attached to a wristband that the bride can wear easily without having the worry of holding an elaborate flower bunch. Pomander bouquets Finally, the pomander arrangement is a tight ball form suspended from a ribbon. Flowers are inserted into foam and held together that way. Typically, this would be carried by flower girls but it could also be extremely eye catching as the bride walks down the aisle, and perhaps more unusual than the traditional wedding bouquet. Wedding flowers are an incredibly personal item, and are used to express personality, individuality and style. Some couples may choose their flowers based on the symbolism and meaning associated with each type and others may simply have personal preferences and favourites. Bouquets can be particularly meaningful, as some brides may wish to decorate theirs with family heirlooms or wrap the stems in something of sentimental value, for example a piece of wedding dress from a family member’s wedding in the past. One thing is certain though, with such variety available, and whatever the style or theme of the wedding, finding the perfect floral .plement will be an easy task for even the most discerning couple. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: