The British team says finding new drugs for cancer or rewriting rules soojin

The British team said the discovery of new cancer drug treatment or "rewrite rules" original title: the British team said the discovery of new cancer drug treatment or "re writing rules" in new network on 10 October, according to British media reports, a presentation at the European Cancer Congress on the day before the new medicine for cancer immunotherapy because the curative effect is stable and reliable, is called in the treatment in the field of cancer will be "re writing rules". In a study of patients with head and neck cancer, it was found that patients who received the nivolumab were longer in survival time than those who received chemotherapy. In another study, the use of immunotherapy drugs nivolumab and another drug, can reduce the tumor in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma. Immunotherapy is the treatment of cancer cells by stimulating the body’s own immune system. The survival rate of patients with advanced head and neck tumors is extremely low. This "published in the new England Journal of medicine," the article said, found through the clinical trial of more than 350 patients, taking immunosuppressive drugs after nivolumab, 36% patients were alive in a year, and the use of chemotherapy one year survival rate is only 17%. Moreover, patients treated with immunotherapy had fewer side effects. This treatment is more effective in the presence of HPV in vivo. Typically, these patients do not survive for more than half a year and the average survival rate is 9.1 months. In contrast, chemotherapy can only reach 4.4 months. In addition, 94 of the patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma who participated in the trial were treated with nivolumab and ipilimumab, and the tumor size was significantly reduced in 40% of the patients. In 1/10 of the patients, the tumor was not detected. In contrast, the usual treatment can only reduce the tumor in 5% patients. About 12000 people in the UK suffer from kidney cancer every year, and about 12 people die of the disease every day. The mechanism of the action of Nivolumab and ipilimumab is a chemical signal that interferes with the release of tumor in human body. Cancer cells, by releasing these chemical signals, make the body’s immune system mistakenly think they are healthy. The study is led Professor Harrington British Institute of cancer research, he is also the Royal Marston hospital doctor. He said that this therapy may be "rewrite the rules of the game". He said: "the current phase of the trial has greatly extended the life expectancy of patients, but also did not allow them to damage the quality of life. None of the patients who participated in the trial had any other treatment." Professor Workman, chief executive of the British Association for cancer research, said the wave of sina, including nivolumab, will play a significant role in cancer treatment. He said: we hope that the competent authorities in charge of the industry and manufacturers to work together to allow patients to get this kind of medicine as soon as possible." Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: