The British typhoon fighters in Eastern Europe is only 4 months to intercept Russian military aircra

The British typhoon fighters in Eastern Europe is only 4 months to intercept 40 sorties of Russian military information: British typhoon fighters to intercept Russian fighter Su 27 original title over the Baltic Sea: British typhoon fighters to intercept 4 months in the Baltic Sea over 40 sorties of Russian military aircraft at the end of April this year, the British Royal Air Force 4 typhoon fighters arrived Estonia is located in the Amari air base (Amari Air Base), started under the framework of NATO’s Baltic air patrol, the Royal Air Force in 2014 and 2015, third consecutive years of the implementation of this task. According to British media reports, in 4 months, the 4 aircraft has received a 19 emergency command, a total of 40 sorties to intercept Russian aircraft. In contrast, in the United Kingdom, since the beginning of 2016, the Royal Air Force to carry out actual combat emergency takeoff less than 5 times. Stationed in Estonia Amari Air Force Base (Amari Air Base) of the British Royal Air Force fighter typhoon according to the British "Daily Telegraph" disclosed in August 27th this process of confrontation. Reported that when the alarm sounded, the British Royal Air Force pilots rushed to their own Typhoon fighter cockpit. In a few minutes, two fighters were flying through the summer sky, loaded with air to air missiles, searching for what they called "bandits". In the next half an hour, the flight commander Roger · Elliot and his wingman for the three time to intercept Russian military aircraft. Elliot said: "you really will feel very excited, take off, you do not know what is waiting for you. But it also brings a sense of satisfaction, because that’s what you do here." These second squadron pilots the aircraft took off site is not located in the Royal Air Force Base in Scotland from Lossiemouth, but only more than and 200 kilometers from the Russian – a "typhoon" aircraft flight speed is only 7 minutes at an old Soviet base, now belongs to Estonia. Estonia Amari air base in the Estonia Amari air base, has deployed 4 RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, responsible for the protection of the NATO countries and its Baltic neighbours Latvia and Lithuania airspace. These fighters are part of NATO’s Baltic air patrol mission. The mission guards the skies of the three most exposed members of the NATO alliance. After the Baltic States joined NATO in March 2004, its airspace by NATO member countries round the genre fighter patrols. From the Estonia airbase RAF Typhoon fighter in the Baltic Sea flying over Russian fighters in the 27 Soviet annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the invasion of Eastern Ukraine, they become more urgent task. Russia is worried that President Putin might try to take similar action against the Baltic states. Due to the increasingly tense situation in Russia, NATO fighters and bombers around the Baltic country hymo patrol, the number of competitors and reaction ability test. British Air Force pilots used to the United Kingdom, "rapid response alert," they guard the sky, to prevent identity.相关的主题文章: