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The car horn sounded enterprises and the car enterprises sounded the enemy approached the walls of the western western horn attack attack in September 2nd, the nineteenth Chengdu international auto show opened. Although the fight brand than the Shanghai auto show, the size of the fight than the Beijing Auto Show (micro-blog), but the spell status than the Guangzhou Auto Show (micro-blog), but these did not affect the Chengdu auto show in every year hundreds of large and small local show, the one and only keep its importance. It’s important, first because of the time. September is always the annual car sales peak month, known as the "golden nine silver ten". Select the opening in September, reflecting the Chengdu auto show not only to show the brand image of car prices, but also a large auto show. Since September, the automobile enterprises will also be for the annual sales at top speed to do the final sprint. Location also give Chengdu auto show extra points. FAW – Volkswagen, FAW TOYOTA, Volvo and other car companies have set up a new production base in Chengdu, GM, Mercedes Benz, BMW and other mainstream manufacturers have western headquarters in Chengdu. Southwest region has undoubtedly become one of the most important core areas of market strategy. Early in the show on the eve of the major automobile manufacturers have shot to win. Dongfeng Citroen (micro-blog) in August 31st unveiled a flagship model Citroen C6 in Chengdu (ginseng, pictures, inquiry); Changan automobile in September 1st held in Changan Yue Xiang V7 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) drive; Geely Automobile auto show held on the eve of vision SUV listed activities; Guangzhou TOYOTA (micro-blog) new dazzle (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) also held a large-scale test drive…… Can be said that each car prices have resorted to exhaust all the skills. According to statistics, the show opening day, 110 domestic and foreign car brands in the 150 thousand square meter exhibition debut, more than and 60 news conference held by the exhibitors, a total of 87 units which unveiled the first models, the world’s first 6, China starting 15. In the show, this set of data can be described as very brisk. Mercedes Benz for third consecutive years to 2400 square meters of the "Big Mac" booth debut, released a live B version of the model car, Zhen Tibetan GLA Blues version, C2004MATIC coupe and SLC roadster models, and to bring the smartfortwo panda version, with black and white color appearance and other tribute Chengdu panda paw prints. As one of the show most consumers attention models, the new Audi A4L (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) of cash has been revamped from the inside, realize the innovation of science and technology of 10 and 40, reached more than 90% different. With the new Audi Q7 (reference, pictures, inquiry) the same new MLBevo platform, as well as many details of the design and change, it is the new Audi A4L quality sense to a new height. Small SUV is undoubtedly the hottest market segments, luxury brands have opened their own small SUV road. This show, Infiniti launched its own small SUV QX30, is expected in the second half of this year in the domestic market. Independent brand performance is strong. In the face of increasingly congested urban roads and consumers want to liberate the left and right driving control demands,.相关的主题文章: