The chairman of the board of Directors voted for Dong Wenbiao’s visit to the Prime Minister of Kampu

The chairman of the board of Directors voted for Dong Wenbiao’s visit to Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen, chairman of the board of Directors voted for Dong Wenbiao’s visit to Kampuchea’s prime minister Hong Sen on September 21, 2016 in the afternoon, the people voted chairman Dong Wenbiao visited Kampuchea’s prime minister Hong Sen in Phnom Penh, vote of the board of directors executive vice president Li Yinheng, on behalf of shareholders Huitong investment center Beijing rundi chairman Zhang Kun, vice president of the China investment in China company chairman Zhang Zhichao, President of China investment Cai Zhijian, senior assistant president Peng Xinkuang attended the meeting on group activities. President Dong Wenbiao introduced the basic situation of China investment company to prime minister Hong Sen. Investment in China is a leading global China large-scale private investment group, with a full license of financial and industrial integration as the key development strategy focused on financial, health and clean energy, construction industrialization etc.. At present, has been in Singapore, Hongkong, London and other places to achieve business layout. President Dong Wenbiao said, "Kampuchea is an important country in Belt and Road Initiative along, Cambodia friendship has a long history, many China enterprises have strong interest in investment in Kampuchea. To support the development of people’s livelihood in Kampuchea, President Dong Wenbiao proposed to hold a Cambodian entrepreneurs forum annually to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation in private enterprises. Investment in China will play a leading role in Chinese private enterprises for more enterprises to invest in Kampuchea matchmaking, boost economic transformation and upgrading of Kampuchea. For the next step of cooperation, President Dong Wenbiao said that the people voted to give full play to their own advantages in respect of the combination of industry and finance, to increase investment in Kampuchea. One is the development and construction of China Cambodia friendship city project, Chinese import industry resources, enhance the level of infrastructure construction in Kampuchea; two is the introduction of the industrialization of construction technology in Kampuchea, and to Kampuchea for the industry construction of the radiation in Southeast Asia; three is the development of photovoltaic power generation business, public investment existing photovoltaic technology into Kampuchea, to solve the problem Kampuchea rural area; the four is to play the investment financial advantage, construction bank, insurance and other institutions in Kampuchea, the introduction of Chinese advanced Internet system, financial support to promote the ASEAN integration; the five is that the development of general aviation business in Kampuchea. Prime Minister Hong Sen voted for the people’s achievements in recent years, highly appreciated. He said that Kampuchea and Chinese is a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, the important consensus reached between the two countries is the effective implementation of cambodia. He proposed to the chairman of the board held in Cambodia entrepreneurs forum, to the establishment of rural teacher incentive fund work highly appreciated, thank the people voted to support the development of people’s livelihood in Kampuchea. Prime Minister Hong Sen said that Kampuchea is very welcome people voted to increase investment in Kampuchea, hope to investment in China Cambodia friendship city project to create a benchmark of the project, to promote Sino Cambodia economic, industrial and cultural exchanges. Prime Minister Hong Sen believes that building industrialization in Kampuchea have a brilliant future, which have environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency characteristics, to promote infrastructure construction in Kampuchea will play a very important role. At the same time, Prime Minister Hong Sen for the people to vote in the development of photovoltaic power generation, the intention of the Cambodian internet bank, such as general aviation industry a warm welcome, and the scene has been assigned to work on related matters. He hopes the people voted to play their own in finance, industry, personnel and other aspects of the theory相关的主题文章: