The Chelsea team plummeted in the odds of bursting or toffee-mcncc

The Chelsea team plummeted in the " or bursting odds; toffee " a Zal 3 consecutive field goals tomorrow morning at 01:30, the focus of the Premier League war staged in Chelsea’s home court, the opponent will be the "taffy" everton. In the last round of the Premier League, the two teams are in the 2-0 score to beat their opponents, can be described as morale are in the positive phase, the game is definitely worth looking forward to! The game, from the Sina lottery small intelligent data, in a state of Everton team from Chelsea, there is a certain gap, a difference of four other data. [war! See cannon Chelsea tonight in Bayern City forecast Atletico] small interpretation of this state of the combat team Everton gap, and is closely related to the recent record, Chelsea made four in a row in October the 4 round of the Premier League, averaging more than 2 net ball, keep a clean sheet. The 4 round of Everton only take the 5 points, it can not be compared with Chelsea. After the weekend, will usher in the national team game week, Conti’s team must look forward to the league’s five straight into the short break. Another interesting data show that Chelsea in the Standford bridge 22 year Premiership game against Everton unbeaten, believe it will bring a glimmer of confidence before the game to the home team. The other team is worth looking forward to the outbreak of the recent gradually recover "Yang Kun", Zal, three score, this is the first time for him, this field can record we’ll see. Adjust the odds of another good news is the major Gambling company lowered the odds before Chelsea found all without exception, but Everton wins compensation was substantially higher, visible companies are very optimistic about the prospects of Chelsea, this is Everton encountered little trouble. This game, small predictions will be biased towards the blues? Or that the will of an upset? Click to view this forecast. (67)相关的主题文章: