The disciples would cult secret business to teach the illicit enrichment of tens of millions of doll

Secret cult "disciples": business to teach the illicit enrichment of tens of millions of dollars in September 27 Wuhan Xinhua news agency Xinhua: pray Qugui "death caused by illness" business to teach "illicit enrichment of tens of millions of dollars, the disciples would cult organization to undermine the implementation of law of criminal cases suspected of fraudulent use of secret Christian religious name, in reality" pray Qugui "dissemination of pseudo science; contrary to the normal law, others bound fasting prayer for healing causing death; a series of fallacies to attract tens of thousands of people deceived befog the minds of the people, the size of the believers. In recent years, the "disciples" in order to win followers, implement "revival plan", to encourage believers to "love", "charity money to pay". At the same time, the church will also be part of the money to support a small number of believers to open supermarkets and other economic entities, in order to achieve the purpose of raising education. Just a few years time, the group is suspected of illegally amassed tens of millions of dollars of funds in cult activities. All of the above, for the "disciples", fully demonstrated the nature of its cult. At present, the public security organs through continuous investigation and evidence collection, identified the disciples will be a series of criminal facts. More than the disciples will be suspected of being organized by the people’s court, the use of cult causing death and other crimes, a number of core personnel have been arrested in the trial. Recently, the reporter in-depth Yunxi County Jianli County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, such as the interview, the disciples would hide in "benevolence" behind the face, also be exposed in front of the world – bound others fasting for a week, treat the deaths caused by the "exorcism prayer is to let this cult harm!" Women’s prison in Hubei Province, the reporter saw the organization, the use of cult caused by death was sentenced to three years in prison Yao Xiangzhi. She is only 35 years old, talked about last June when the prayer of exorcism, tragedy, regret. According to the Jianli County People’s Procuratorate charges, as disciples of "white church" responsible person Yao Xiangzhi, received notice of higher branch point for Zhai Xinyong in early February last year, looking for "witness" (i.e. for the sick person, through worship, pray for exorcism to cure disease, for example). "The new work" (i.e., the development of new believers). Yao Xiangzhi recommended a schizophrenic believer Xu, then prayer for healing of the tragedy. According to police investigators, in June 14th last year, 8 am, Zhai Xinyong, Yao Xiangzhi two people came to the two floor of the living room for the Xu family, Xu pray for exorcism. In this process, Zhai on the grounds of respect for God does not allow Xu medication. Continue to pray for three days, 16 days afternoon, Zhai Xinyong to Xu family too noisy, unable to secure a prayer, is not conducive to the treatment on the grounds that the proposal will Xu to the White Horse Village a million home continue to pray. That night, two people, Yao Zhai Xu transfer. Transfer after the arrival of Xu seizures, in order to control the lives of Xu, Xu also organize more religious prayers of exorcism, Zhai Xinyong Yao Xiangzhi, has told nearly 10 people to come to pray together. In order to pray continually, Zhai Xinyong Yao Xiangzhi, has organized more than 24 hours of uninterrupted shifts in believers to pray. According to the new 8 di相关的主题文章: