The disk revenue business public offering brokerage Fund Channel – Red Sea Fight-4000dy

The disk revenue substantially reduced business brokerage raised the Red Sea killing – fund channel 2016 Fund recently semi annual report disclosure, according to Wind statistics, affected by the market environment, the brokerage fund the disk revenue substantially reduced, and more competitive. The top ten list of competition (China Merchants Securities, CITIC Securities (shares) won, shares) fell out of the top three reporter learned that the public fund business is the brokerage business in the "Red Sea", the fund more than 100 brokerage plate. In recent years, firms in the business areas of the increasingly fierce competition, in 2015, the disk Commission ranked first CITIC Securities Commission seats accounted for 5.31%, is the lowest in 10 years accounted for the first half of this year, the disk Commission ranked first in China Merchants Securities Commission, more proportion of seats dropped to below 5%, only 4.98%. Data show that in recent years, China Merchants Securities in the public fund is divided into the first echelon plate market, following last year’s public fund stock trading volume ranked first, the first half of this year with the public fund stock trading volume and disc two first commission. Among them, the public offering of stock trading volume of 226 billion 400 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of the shares of the seat of the Commission of $198 million, the commission income of $4.91%, the Commission seats accounted for 4.98%. At the same time, the brokerage commission before the sub plate also changed. 2015 ranked first citic securities fell three, ranked fourth. Last year ranked third Haitong Securities rose, ranking second. Guotai Junan to disk Commission 186 million yuan, ranked third. It is noteworthy that the first half of this year, the disk Commission of fifth to tenth in the brokerage particularly intense competition, which ranked sixth in the Milky Way securities and GF Securities ranked seventh only a difference of 50 thousand yuan, five to eight between the average distance of less than 1 million yuan, the commission income for disc billion modulus gauge it is absolute. Small and medium-sized firms rise large firms to shake the strong position of the first half of this year, small and medium-sized firms to rise in the public fund business concern. A number of small and medium-sized firms through generous introduction of staff, large-scale investment funds etc., to grab more fund "cake". Data show that in the first half of the small stock brokerage seats accounted for a significant upgrade, the Changjiang Securities Commission disc divided among the top ten, to 168 million yuan in eighth, and in 2015, the Yangtze River Securities Commission disk ranked only fifteenth; the Thailand securities ranked fifteenth, compared with nineteenth in 2015 has improved significantly. However, although small and medium-sized firms menacing, but large brokerage at China Merchants Securities, CITIC Securities, Haitong Securities, Guotai Junan Securities on behalf of the constitution of the fund is still the first echelon plate is relatively stable, the past two years, the public fund disk before three were produced in this several big firms. Analysts pointed out that the rapid rise of small and medium brokerages, will affect the overall pattern of the market, but to shake the first echelon, is still very difficult. Because large brokerage firms often rely not only on the strength of the study, the more powerful sales and service capabilities. In addition, the coordination of multi platform business resources, with a strong ability to integrate services docking public fund.相关的主题文章: