The Eleventh China smart city conference November debut innovation and sharing will become th nlite

The Eleventh China smart city Conference on November debut   innovation and sharing will become a theme – Real Estate – the people’s Congress of the Eleventh China smart city construction technology conference and Equipment Expo press conference. September 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wang Qianyuanxue) recently, the Eleventh Chinese wisdom City Construction Technology Seminar & Equipment Expo held a press conference, Wang Zhongqi, vice chairman of the organizing committee director of the Ministry of housing and Urban Information Center pointed out that the development of smart city construction is the Party Central Committee and the state Council based on China’s informatization and the development of new urbanization actually, a major strategic decision to promote the scientific development of the city, but also actively promote the practice of city innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing development. 2014 release of the national new urbanization plan (2014 – 2020) has been to promote the wisdom of urban construction as an important content, proposed by the year of 2020, built a number of distinctive smart city. The president and Congress Academic Committee of China Academy of Engineering Cui Junzhi said, smart city conference tenet is: for government departments, enterprises and experts and scholars to provide a high level and professional academic exchange platform to promote the development of the smart city, to solve the problems in the process of the construction of the wisdom of the City, with the city to promote the wisdom the people working and living in the depth of integration. This smart city conference will focus on innovation? Sharing "theme, participants continue to build a high-end platform for communication and cooperation, new ways and new ways of innovation resources sharing the wisdom of the city, to promote the wisdom of the city to a new level. Wang Zhongqi, director of the information center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development on the eleventh session of the wisdom of the city’s outstanding features are described in detail, first, the local government help, well-known enterprises to participate in. Second, forum innovation, expert authority. Third, big data management, publicity full coverage. Fourth, theme exhibition, full featured. It is reported that the eleventh session of the conference of the smart city will summarize the "12th Five-Year" period of China’s smart city construction achievements of the "13th Five-Year" during the smart city development direction, mode and goal of building. The latest development trends and experience, research of domestic smart city construction management system, operation mechanism and industrial policy; research under the new era of informatization and new urbanization integration of the new development trend, "Internet plus", big data, mobile Internet technology of smart city construction brings opportunities and challenges; the conference on standard standard, key technology and application of smart city technology integration, network information security, smart city operations and financing mode and industry applications, such as the wisdom of urban management, intelligent community, smart water, wisdom, wisdom to build content exchange site. The eleventh smart city conference will be held in Beijing International Convention Center on November 3, 2016, 4. The meeting was organized by the Ministry of housing and urban rural construction information center, China Academy of Surveying and mapping, China satellite navigation and positioning application management center, China Institute of electronic technology standardization. Housing and urban construction department, Central Committee and other units for the 93 Society meeting support unit. (Wang Qianyuan: snow, commissioning editor Sun Hongli)相关的主题文章: