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The fall of the need for more attention to   teach you 5 strokes to fix the car – car – seasonal maintenance original title: autumn is more need to pay attention to teach you 5 strokes to fix the car come late autumn seasonal maintenance while contrast, but day and night temperature difference contrast, from summer into autumn, do not forget the car also needs maintenance. Today, we share the summer season and maintenance method. 1, adjust the appropriate tire pressure accurate approach: make up the tire pressure to the standard value range. Because of the summer heat, tire pressure is usually low. With the fall of the temperature is low, the tire will be timely to make up the pressure to the standard value range. Together, should also check the tire is not a significant trauma, scratches etc.. 2, check the engine room accurate approach: timely view, replace a variety of oil. Oil, engine oil, brake fluid is the direction of the car’s "blood", the season is not enough time to see it, or to replace the transformation period, in order to ensure the smooth circulation of oil. Maintenance and derusting method 3, accurate: carefully check the chassis, chassis and rust. Metal material car chassis through the rain soaked or high temperature burning after sun in the summer, present the rusty scene, so the chassis derusted, and check the chassis is not scratched, screw falling phenomenon. 4, replace the autumn and winter antifreeze accurate approach: put on suitable antifreeze. After the autumn, the weather gradually cools down, once the cold air suddenly struck, it is likely to affect the normal operation of the car cooling system, and antifreeze also want to choose suitable for autumn and winter goods. 5, all cleaning the interior of the correct approach: completely finishing health dead. We will inevitably leave food scraps or other debris in the corner of the car, through the rainy, hot summer days, will breed a lot of bacteria. The autumn climate is cold, the windows will not always open, so do all the cleaning, to ensure the quality of the air inside the car oh! (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章: