The fashionable jeans in this outfit. 10 formulas do also worry about what to wear, what Sohu! solid converter

The fashionable jeans in this outfit. 10 formulas do also worry about what to wear, what?! – Sohu jeans has been recognized as the all-match single product, no one. So, a classic section of jeans really can hold live all collocation? Baby do not believe, put up a N body look! The results of the recognized counseling. Two piece 1+ vest jeans with cool vest, summer must not miss the practical wear. Is… Pay attention to sun ang design ~ sister Kim this tank collar and cuffs are easier to fat, so not suitable for shoulder girl. But the normal straight tank will not have such a trap, a little thick arm can also choose slightly a little style shoulder bag. NEW / LOOK 149CNY 2 + black sleeveless T-shirt T-shirt sleeveless vest in style, the most basic and the most familiar people wear T-shirt jeans look. Cotton T-shirt, of course, is the most popular basic models, but there are still some breakthroughs on the fabric. For example, a stiff fabric or knitted fabric, style can also be more texture! The basic / peacebird retro 119CNY 3+’s high necked sweater shirt as enduring, nature is no pressure jeans collocation. 3 MO& Co. 999CNY 4+ retro edge rivet shirt sweater autumn, the weather is getting cooler, so now to prepare in advance a Hoodie to collocation jeans is very necessary. A jacket a trousers, simple and elegant dress is not procrastination. If you happened to be a high waist pants, can also learn sister Kim collocation short paragraph sweater, but also adjust the ratio of bang bang. * LED’IN collocation Yurakucho Huang Jingyu joint short paragraph sweater 269CNY 5+ dress dresses and jeans is not strange, but more bold to wear this, but also need courage good figure ha… Dzzit ^ prime side zipper dress 935CNY three piece 1+ shirt + bralet sling a bottoming shirt the dress really is especially popular this year, which can be used as a practical response to the summer air conditioning room wear, can also be used to resist the coolness of autumn. The ZARA 169CNY 2+ velvet jacket shirt + suit jacket in between the overlap, and outer coat shirt collocation is also a good choice. For example, suits, jeans with sex can break the seriousness of the suit, so that the suit looks more relaxed and energetic. Of course, in addition to a suit jacket, collocation vest is also a good choice. In particular, the spring and summer, more breathable breathable. The MANGO straight cut suit vest!相关的主题文章: