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The first person of smart watches, how are Apple Watch kill? Sohu technology Mid Autumn Festival holiday approaching, although Geek Jun also want to go home reunion, but can not forget you oh! Mr. Geek prepared a full dry cargo to you, let you in the holiday leisure, but also can read a good article! The recently updated Apple Watch Series 2 Geek is really up a gentleman at heart itch, the smart watch market in 2016, Apple was dominated, while the other smart watches has almost no counter force, even HUAWEI’s HUAWEI WATCH and Samsung Gear S3 is not on hand. In fact, was killed by Apple Watch can be more than these, even the ancestors of smart watches Pebble can not escape. Today, Geek Jun will bring you Pebble entrepreneurial story, perhaps to bring some inspiration for China’s small partners. This article from the Geek Jun partner [gravitational wave space station], thank the author Nicole! The man wearing three watches called Eric Migicovsky, founder of Pebble smart watches. Is he, with its own smart watch, hit Kickstarter on the hitherto unknown miracle, two refresh to raise public record, is still the record holder. His company is also expanding, profitable year after year. However, with the Apple Watch into the market, Pebble’s performance began to decline, the company had to lay off 14. Is the golden age of Pebble gone? In the face of the Apple the market speculators, a start-up company there is no room for survival? Eric Migicovsk never stopped exploring… Pebble is Kickstarter on the website of the first smart hardware, it has created the myth of the industry are about. Its case was set up for the public to raise the Kickstarter model, the media follow the trend reported that Silicon Valley has become the focus of discussion in the world. After it, no more than a smart watch has created such a high record. Climatic and geographical conditions, the achievements of the Pebble. For many intelligent hardware enthusiasts, the myth of the creator is not unfamiliar, he is only 30 years old Eric Migicovsky. But first, Eric is a mobile phone to engineering students… "The first generation Pebble watch a college student, a circuit board, a broken mobile phone in 2008, Eric was in Holland attending Technische Universiteit Delft. As an international student from Canada, Eric enjoyed the exotic life of the year. The Dutch favorite bike, Eric rome. He rides a few kilometers a day, walking between the city and the school. But there is one thing to start with?相关的主题文章: