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The goddess live delivery, the new dazzle color – Sohu has 11.11 cars, shopping spree ended, 12.12 have been waving. Then after the carnival, the logistics problems actually placed in front of us, then, parcel delivery you? The new dazzle and koala jointly launched "you carnival, I flash to send 11.11 theme activities, lucky user has obtained universal goddess offer exclusive delivery service at the event, and in November 12th the whole process of the delivery of a live! (two-dimensional code can be scanned into the recognition review), eventually they were pleased to receive your parcel and close contact with the goddess, photo, and the entire broadcast also won about 2100000 of the popular concern people. The goddess of delivery, beautiful eye-catching, thoughtful beauty Racer Li Xin?, Miss World Tourism Culture 2012 contest finals Chinese District runner up; Miss World Tourism Culture Contest 2012 China finals "best goodwill Friendship Award"; invited to participate in the 2012 International Gold Award honors beautiful "as a guest…… A lot of honor, Yan Youcai also hard! Lee heart? Is Magis tire DRS drift member at driving, the kind of beauty of the steel car triggered at any moment of cold, see live you understand! Sorcer Coser deer Yexi Montana, suction eye the two dimension, micro-blog fans 100 thousand +, Beijing in Aimeng Cultural Development Co. Ltd. signed Coser, signed in 2014 Kami live anchor, Japan Tokyo exhibition, the 2016 Chiba International Animation Exhibition, she and new dazzle explosive "chemical reaction" is the point of explosion network. BOBO anchor Qiqi, fans over 12W+, it is the exclusive film artist, is "the most beautiful car models and special models, actresses, appearance and internal and dazzle the new all blend into one harmonious whole, wild and strong power of each other, very seductive! The new dazzle, natural strength faction, and handsome! Seen too many beautiful beauty, the goddess of the courier really rare! As a new value Yan dazzle, fully deserve A0 class car yen value peak, the TOYOTA family’s new design concept of "X" style domineering exposed, fog lamp grille lines on both sides of the front bumper also has a strong sense of hierarchy. The new car for the rear bumper has been upgraded, the security performance and sense of movement as a whole, especially with a sense of! The whole system is equipped with VSC body stability control system and GOA body, and then the twists and turns of the street, but also a comprehensive security protection goddess personally controlled, there is a more lasting charm connotation. The new dazzle interior design, as a new model of the car did not re design for the interior, but the material has been upgraded, making the new car more texture. The new dazzle all standard headlight height adjustment, LED taillights, four electric windows (driving seat down) and the rear wiper, VSC system, HAC system and intelligent start stop configuration, let the quality upgrade again, there is a life attitude. Look at the beauty of the goddess, hot racer, two dimensional Coser, sexy anchor and the new Hyun zero distance control, who is your dish? .相关的主题文章: