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The hit TV drama ad " "   fancy implantation; brand stand – Culture – original title: brand in the audience laughing laughing, the audience can not stand! "The old nine door" in advertising into modern products. "North Canton" stills "does not believe in tears" by MGM logo old nine door insert ads in the plot. Wu Xiubo the big coffee band into the advertising group. You can see the stills from the "separation" into what brand? "Many ads appear in the old nine door". "Yun Zhi" stills ads recently, more and more programs in television dramas and fancy, the host of the program for the "golden master" playing tricks in broadcast, TV show ads everywhere, many modern brands across the costume dumbfounding, "Yun Zhi", "old nine door" have occupied. "A smile is Qingcheng" also became the advertising drama, the audience crazy Tucao brands at the same time, proud: attention is success. However, how to make money and do not affect the audience’s feelings, is still a big challenge. Form: "Qingyun implantation fancy Zhi" Cangtou poem advertising "," play "the old nine door inserted in the so-called" Product placement, refers to a product or brand and its visual symbols or representative main features can be implanted in television dramas and TV programs, so that people in the process of opera, viewing in the left of the brand and product image, to achieve the purpose of marketing. In the past, this approach in urban drama, drama and the Hollywood blockbuster hero Po mom in the more common, but in a recent network variety show, is represented by the host port broadcast such as "wonderful fancy," said Ma Dong in the creative advertising and read, "Mars" CIA Wang Han et al to advertising the word into song, the magical effect of brainwashing. This summer hit the big drama, advertising form has been more and more fancy, "smiled very little" is the theme online games, in addition to propaganda films like a whole network, and general TV common, shoehorned ad, grab a collective role of electric products, computer is a brand, eat snacks eat only a brand. Moreover, a large number of modern products has permeated into the costume, to reach the peak of perfection has become the point, in addition to the story, effects outside the "bright spots" and "groove". Qingyun "Zhi" in biaoju called "× × city, Santo said he had the old stomach, small neatly pulled out a box of Medicine said:" I just have this box of stomach, this is my grandfather and I wander, occasional medical cents × nine real income." Then, small poker-faced began the composition and function of the stomach medicine. More exaggerated, there is more and more concentrated behind a "bold" Scene: the brand label a charge on the box, and the use of prescription more "Cangtou poem" in the form of a cold spirit brand. In addition, a beverage brand Green Tea products successfully implanted in Qingyun "Zhi". The waiter, to actress Lu Xueqi introduced new products: "Grapefruit Green Tea more moist and delicious, for you)相关的主题文章: