The hotel toilet time has caused more than and 10 people injured – Gang Beijing dataload

The hotel toilet time has caused more than and 10 people injured – Gang Beijing newspaper news (reporter Li Bing) a party with a child on the toilet, the other party anxiously kept urging on the toilet door, eventually evolved into the parties group brawl. One evening recently, Mr. Wang and his family came to a hotel near the capital of Xinshi North Road, dinner. 9 o’clock that night, there is a child on the table to facilitate, Mr. Wang will take the little guy to the toilet. "Come out of the people inside, so for a long time, do not want to settle down in there?" Not long ago, Mr. Wang heard the toilet door was knocked clanging, also urged the words to hear each other, resulting in the toilet the child started crying on the spot. Mr. Wang opened the door and saw a 30 year old man shouting at the toilet door. Mr. Wang was so angry that he quarreled with each other at once. Unexpectedly, then two people have grappled with the. Others will be opened with Mr. Wang, the matter did not solve the contradictions continue to upgrade. The original is still eating Wang family, and male friends, quickly joined them, let two people quarrel eventually became more than and 10 people gang. When the west police station police Zhang Yonghui and Shi Xiangfeng rushed to the scene after the alarm, the hotel is a mess, the floor is broken tableware and furniture and Mr. Wang spread all across in confusion, and his family, there are several people got hurt. With Mr. Wang and his family fights a group of people had all left, through surveillance video viewing in the hotel, police mastered the basic physical characteristics of personnel involved in the fight when things such as man. Subsequently, the police will transfer the matter to the police station for further investigation. Police remind everyone, in public places, to calm down a failing, especially after drinking, but also to control their emotions, not because of a brave and make yourself regret.相关的主题文章: