The Imperial Palace 3400 meters walls began to overhaul the widespread presence of alkali and other

The Imperial Palace 3400 meters of the wall began to overhaul the widespread presence of alkali and other diseases of weathering – the widespread presence of crisp alkali weathering and other diseases of the first phase of the repair of the most dangerous situation of the the Imperial Palace, 233 meters long? Yesterday, the president gave a single answer, including the city, including a total of 3437.6 meters. Due to the existence of these walls, alkali, weathering, from the drum and other diseases, the day of the official start of the the Imperial Palace wall renovation project, the first phase of repair 233 meters. Walls are generally hidden yesterday, the Imperial Palace city wall renovation project and infrastructure renovation and transformation of the first phase (pilot) project was officially launched, the 600 year old city wall for the first time the overall medical". According to Dan Jixiang, Dean of the Imperial Palace Museum, the total length of the wall of the Imperial Palace is 3437.6 meters, the total length of free city station is 2914.3 meters, the top of the wall is 6.63 meters wide, 8.55 meters wide at the bottom, 9.3 meters high, the main structure in rammed earth as the core, the outsourcing of brick masonry, four city gates open four directions. The gate built on the city and the tower. Shan Jixiang said that at present, there are security risks the wall surface brick of weathering, weathering, away from the drum, and the drum from the regional relative bulging, the drum expansion capacity of up to 20 cm; the side wall has a plurality of vertical cracks, wall masonry mortar for multiple upper erosion and loose, missing; the ground walls along the midline through cracks; rammed earth walls ground subsidence, erosion, wall surface and side faces of grass or vines. These are seriously affecting the safety of the wall, in case of heavy rain will be part of the possibility of collapse, repair work without delay." Take a critical condition paragraph Dan Jixiang Dean, the Imperial Palace Museum has commissioned a reconnaissance unit on the Imperial Palace walls overall carried out a detailed survey and analysis of diseases in the worst part of danger, formulated the repair plan scientifically, to start the first phase of the wall repair engineering. The most serious of this section of the city is located in the north gate of Xihua on the north side of the first historical archives to the north, a total of 233 meters. According to available information, the section of the city wall in the last century from 50s to 70s, there are two local repair records; and in the last century in the maintenance of the year, the walls are mainly to repair the outside of the city of. Shan Jixiang said, 2013 found a serious danger of this wall, 2014 across the layer of bricks severe fracture and hollowing part taken temporary roof reinforcement measures. The overhaul will be mainly to repair the inside walls, the overall renovation of the wall, the wall inside the wall, ground and wall wall wall Yu battlements. The traditional process of repair materials in the repair of Shan Jixiang said that, for the traditional process, the traditional material scientific record, experiment, based on the traditional process and explore traditional materials, visit and experiment to find ways of craftsmen and process for the repair materials, provide the basis and feasible method for the follow-up the walls of the repair work. After the completion of the first phase of the city wall renovation project, the other part of the wall will be approved after the approval of the program, one after another to repair. There is no exact timetable. With the repair of the city wall repair infrastructure maintenance phase I (pilot) Feng相关的主题文章: