The media analysis of the Orangemen of War South Korea renhang is a new network – Zhang Yuning is so-vidalia

The media analysis of the Orangemen of War: South Korea renhang up Zhang Yuning is sorry – Beijing in three ball backward, with two goals, Yu Hai and Hao Junmin, the Orangemen last night of 2 to 3 defeat to South Korea, the Orangemen in the 12 race debut, is glorious defeat. Two a precious away goal, also let the Orangemen gain confidence in September 6th returned to Shenyang home court against another enemy of Iran, the Orangemen have more expectations. – reporter Wei Ruotao: Ren hang up his analysis of Zhang Yuning is a pity that this game, facing South Korea’s strong attack, Gao Hongbo from the five guard system, Feng Xiaoting, Zheng Zhi and Li Xuepeng three defender, Ren hang and Zhang Lin as the left and right side guard?. In the first 20 minutes of the Sun Xingmin, Li Qinglong, Zi Zhe and other South Korean players have been very successful suppression. But then the South Korean team to strengthen the large range of interspersed and breakthrough, a little tear of the country’s defense, and the two full backs behind the neutral, frequently used by the South Korean team. Twentieth minutes, the South Korean team pass break caused Zhang Lin foul, Sun Xingmin? Good footwork by free kick opportunity, assists Ji Dong won created Zheng Zhi’s own goal. The second half, Hao Junmin replaced Wu Xi, the Orangemen midfield control to strengthen defense vulnerabilities at the same time, but not in time to improve, the South Korean team took turns from the side pressure, sixty-second minutes and sixty-fifth minutes, with Zizhe and Li Qinglong scored two goals, is renhang defensive area caused by mistakes. Has been in the renhang downtown transfer, have been absent for more than the super race, long war consecutive mistakes, but also have nothing to say. While Li Xuepeng and Zhao Mingjian two defensive players, the situation is similar with ren. Last night Gao Hongbo substitution also have regret, he took the last spot to Gao Lin, rather than Zhang Yuning, Gao Lin played mediocre, but Zhang Yuning had had a warm-up match for the Orangemen scored two goals if he played, can work wonders. The spirit of praise: Iran sword fight a protracted war to bite 0 to 3 behind, the Orangemen was suddenly hit, take the harvest even into the two miraculous, largely players do not give up, the indomitable spirit of the results, which are the precious wealth in the foot, players must cherish and maintain a long, round 12 is just a beginning. For this protracted war, China needs spiritual power support. After the game, Gao Hongbo shows the most satisfactory is the players’ fighting spirit in the backward situation, this kind of spirit to the foot in 12 game deus ex confident. For the 2 to 3 loss, Gao Hongbo some regret: "we only scored two goals, some less, we should have two chances." September 6th, the country will return to Shenyang, against the same strong Iran team, which, Gao Hongbo retains a calm. He said: to maintain a clear understanding of Iran is also a very strong opponent, I think the Chinese team played 4 or 5 games, the experience will be more mature. The first two have met with South Korea and Iran, the accumulated experience of the game to help us progress." Indeed, in the face of the body, not less than the Iran team the South Korean team, the Orangemen will spell pledge, have the opportunity to grab points. In addition, the 12 race is not a war moves.相关的主题文章: