The Mekong River action tough guy watches with hormones bleep

"The Mekong River action" tough guy wearing a watch from the movie "hormones lead: National Archives of the Mekong River action" in China showed the police the power of thunder genuineness, and faith protect our homes and defend our country. The old hero Zhang Hanyu and uncle Eddie Peng’s tough meat composition with the two groups is quite understanding, fully and delightfully. In order to fit with their heroes, they wear the watch is also very masculine Hale style. (source: YOKA man network) "the Mekong" action movie poster a picture about the Mekong River action (pictures from the network) Eddie Peng watches: Longines diving series Eddie Peng Eddie Peng as Comcast undercover agent Fang Xinwu, because his girlfriend after drugs to kill and decided to join. In the face of enemy revenge impulse, and as the police to enforce the law and reason in Eddie Peng’s exquisite weaving knotted and acting, the achievement of a mission and stick to the full image of iron hand in a velvet glove. Watch: the Longines series watches a Comcast Comcast diving diving series, also accompanied Eddie Peng shuttle in the jungles of Golden Triangle, and the precise timing performance for action to help. This watch is equipped with Longines exclusive table automatic chain pillar wheel mechanical movement, equipped with spiral crown, black bezel and one-way spiral table protection device crown side, showing the professional diving performance, also meet in the complex environment wearing demand. The man with a watch to recommend tough wind, real man, real temperament. Such a manly man who doesn’t love? As the saying goes, the watch is men’s jewelry, can improve the taste. Sturdy wrist watch rough collocation is the most appropriate. BREITLING Avenger hurricane watch (Avenger Hurricane) Breitling Avenger hurricane watch (Avenger Hurricane) with 50 mm diameter, equipped with large surface side reinforcement protective structure, against dark appearance in the iconic yellow Breitling and aviation digital molded time scale under the more cool. It is worth mentioning that the Breitling innovative material Breitlight independent research and development of manufacturing is first applied to the case?. This exclusive high-tech material 3.3 times lighter than titanium, 5.8 times lighter than steel, but more robust, and has many advantages: high resistance to scratching, tensile deformation, corrosion resistance, magnetic properties, thermal stability, anti allergic, also has more than metal warm to the touch, and showing a mottled visual effect. Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore series, reference price: 142000 yuan. Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore series, reference price: 142000 yuan. Stainless steel case 8 platinum metal screws show style thick. 300 meters water depth, even when wearing the watch to go swimming without any problems. "The black lines on the dial tone", and the time on the hour and minute hands are fluorescent devices, even in the dark environment is also able to accurately grasp the time. Watch the watch movement rubber watchband collocation, style. Hublot king series, reference price: 177100.相关的主题文章: