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Automobiles Mitsubishis popular Eclipse model has had a history as rich as the rumble of its engine. In the 1970s, Mitsubishi was not selling very well in the North American market. But the emergence of the Eclipse in 1989 changed that trend. The new sport coupe from a relatively unsuccessful foreign carmaker made heads turn. Like the appeal of many Japanese cars, the Eclipse was lightweight, .pact, and relatively inexpensive, making it a practical and sporty car for an American market interested in imports. Since then, the Eclipse has undergone four significant model transformations. The first generation Eclipse set the foundation for future generations to .e, with a sleek sloping nose and rounded rear. But looks werent everything, of course. The Eclipse Turbo was on Car and Driver magazines Ten Best list for 1989-1992. The second generation Eclipse is certainly the iconic eclipse. First introduced in 1995, the 2G Eclipse was a significant update in style from the 1G. It shed all the sharp, boxy angles left over from its predecessor, distinguishing itself as a smooth, curvy sports car ready for the new generation of style. It even changed the engine, and the turbocharged motor was more powerful than its predecessor, adding 15 hp. Another important addition was the Eclipse Spyder, the convertible model introduced in 1996, which gave Mitsubishi another successful selling point. The third generation Eclipse was an equally dramatic redesign in terms of style. In fact, this Eclipse was the first concept car shown by Mitsbushi at an American auto show. This time, the Eclipse had a more rounded arch for the roof, headlights in the corners, and a chiseled look on the sides of the car. But there was certainly more to the 3G Eclipse than style transformation. The 3G was the first Eclipse generation that offered a V6 enginethe 3G was growing into its identity as a true sports car. But even with this raw boost of engine power, the V6 Eclipse was still touted as smoother-driving car than the previous Eclipses four-cylinder turbo. Since 2006, the fourth generation Eclipse has been a reality. The design of this current Eclipse generation has been described as more aggressive, with faux carbon fiber accents. Like its predecessor, there is a V6 model, and this time it produces 263 hp. Just as the Eclipses style has been refined every generation, so has its performance. The spirit of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, however, lies in the .plete history of this captivating sports car. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: