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Since the new national standard of protective masks shall conform to the national standard – not many days masks Beijing motivation in this winter, fog and haze repeatedly struck, anti haze masks become a travel essential goods. At the same time, the "daily protective mask technical specifications" national standards in November 1st began to implement. The new national standard of anti haze masks anti haze masks can end market standards, the quality of dragons and fishes jumbled together chaos. – reporter Zhao Li in November 10th, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning haze, is expected to 10, 8 to 11, 8, Beijing, Western Tianjin, central Hebei, central Shanxi, Shaanxi and other places have moderate haze in Guanzhong, which in some areas in southern Beijing, Hebei and other places in the middle of severe haze. Haze frequently patronizing, was popular a piece again: The furthest distance in the world, is not between life and death, you are five hundred meters away from me, but I could not see you. Go ridicule ridicule, but life goes on, anti haze masks have become essential goods of public travel. However, since the anti haze masks on the market there are various types of publicity, makes it difficult to distinguish the authenticity. In a unified anti haze product standard proposal sound, "national standard" technical specifications for daily protection masks started in November 1st. It is reported that the standard from a variety of aspects of the daily use of protective masks were provided for the specification of the industry market order, to protect the health of consumers based on. This standard can really make the anti haze masks the market is no longer a mist? Anti haze masks a wide variety of first, let us feel the passion of anti haze masks: the people of Beijing Lu Xiaoyan, a two-year-old. She is buying a brand of anti haze masks of the United States, known as the microfiber fabric with breathing valve activated carbon N99 anti haze masks, the price of 225 yuan each, the service life for hundreds of hours of publicity. Lu Xiaoyan probably changed every two months masks; the people of Beijing Guo Dazhi, a nine year old mother, a kindergarten just fourth generations. In the mask on the issue, there are differences between the family, Guo Dazhi old two and mother initially used ordinary cotton masks, wearing masks on the line. Guodazhi children is to buy the brand masks in the supermarket, each about 20 yuan, replaced every three to five days. Consumption is the largest of the fourth generation, from domestic to imported, has bought more than a dozen, but the price is two digits starting, and as long as the haze, will use the new mask, a mask even if only one day will be abandoned; Beijing white-collar money, buy hemihedral door mask, spend thousands of yuan;…… With the arrival of winter, Beijing haze days increased significantly, anti haze masks become a necessary of residents travel. Every mask selling, are accompanied by the footsteps of PM2.5." A business platform for researchers said to reporters, anti haze masks the most popular area, is often the hardest hit by the haze. In Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, masks become hot selling goods, the price ranging from 2 yuan to several thousand dollars, the price difference is great. Taobao, a businessman, said only last week issued a yellow warning Yue相关的主题文章: