The non genetic eggshell carving carved carved eggshell broken Wu 108 Water Margin 3 times –

The non genetic Eggshell Carving out 108 Water Margin 3 – broken eggshell carving Wu Zhuji Beijing ruanshi Zhen Ruan Jia Bu Cun, recently more than a baby — with eggshell carved 108 water margin. The 39 year old He Yongjiang is the author and owner of this set of egg, baby put in his home. Shiny bald head, laugh slightly squinting, don’t look at He Yongjiang but his appearance is not surprising, "egg production techniques of Zhuji municipal intangible cultural heritage. The paper-cut artists gave him the inspiration to him in the Eggshell Carving out 108 He Yongjiang told the evening news reporter, this set of heroes from the creative, Zhuji local artists carved Zhuo jiaxing. "Zhuo teacher has more than and 70 years old, his paper-cut art lines concise, vivid and lifelike." He Yongjiang said, in the folk art exhibition last year, he Zhuo teacher works. Last summer, He Yongjiang invited to visit the home of Jiaxing Zhuo Zhuo, Jiaxing 108 will come up with a set of paper-cut patterns of his collection. "I was deeply attracted at the first sight, I want to put this set of paper-cut version of the water margin heroes on the eggshell." He Yongjiang said, the most suitable egg carving is oval, focusing on the use of "paper-cut to shape the image of the egg white, other more three-dimensional and rich." When parting, Zhuo Jiaxing will heroes paper-cut pictures to him. "A photo of the four heroes of paper cutting, each one is lifelike, with their own unique image." The shell thickness is only 0.3 mm carved a broken egg three times from Wu Zhuo master came back, He Yongjiang immediately in the vegetable market ruanshi around the town of purchasing almost the size and shape of goose. Although a lot of works have been carved before, but to complete such a scale and into the system of Water Margin figure, he was the first attempt. He Yongjiang first in a bottom drill two holes with a hole, Straw blowing air, another hole pour the egg, then wash the inside of the egg shell, with a pencil lightly outline the water margin characters, it can play a carving knife. The average thickness of the shell is only 0.3 mm, carving at will "flower", plus the 108 Water Margin shapes, hand weapons, demeanor clothing is also different, a substantial increase in the difficulty of carving. He Yongjiang described the creation process is "very careful", "every time before moving, have failed to do the mental preparation, egg broken is the most common thing." In order to this group of works, He Yongjiang carved from the night every day until three or four in the morning, a full stick for more than four months. 108 who will be the most difficult to carve? He Yongjiang said, the highest failure rate is Wu Yong, "Wu Yong is holding a fan, to outline his calm, very not easy. Carving Wu failed three times, to fourth eggs to be successful." From wanpiao into the non genetic inheritance of this craft he opening Shoutu He Yongjiang contact egg has been 15 years. "In 2001, a friend’s birthday, I can’t think what gift, just to see the TV in the egg carving works, so Fang相关的主题文章: