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The only inheritor sent north bamboo new network search – disciple newspaper correspondent Hong Shan peel fan outside the paper, put on the bed will be a fan fan, do Xiangfeizhu hand knife, knife falls, "pen ink flower line, and near the" rough and neat filling North bamboo carving…… The artist named Bian Xi Liang, he is the Dongcheng District intangible cultural heritage, the heritage of people sent north bamboo. As the North sent only bamboo heritage, nianguobanbai Bian Xi Liang, looking for inheritance inheritance North sent the essence of bamboo has become his most urgent desire. Bamboo, are currently visible in the earliest material is unearthed from the Mawangdui Han Tomb of the "bamboo spoon". Now the bamboo, bounded by the Yangtze River to divide the north and south. The North bamboo carving master named Zhang Zhiyu, he has been invited by Mr. Xu Beihong, to the National Art College as professor of bamboo carving, carving. He pioneered the "stay green sand" technique, different from the simple "South Green left" technique. Bian Xi Liang said that the Republic of China is the golden age of bamboo, the literati was particularly praised the qualities, with bamboo, pillow bamboo fans, literati of the standard". Zhang Zhiyu the ancestral bamboo "Sandy Green left" technique is welcome by the people, has engraved 8000 fan handle. The longest in the North sent bamboo Shan Gu, first inscription, and lettering. As thin as hair, also made two, this is called circle moment. The northern school often use bamboo carving intaglio engraving, "shallow Sand Green left" techniques, knife sets, vigorous and effective. Well, it is carved material can not be sloppy, 10 cm in diameter, slub slub to 35 cm, is the best way of bamboo, thin and delicate. Scrape peel, amount of genre of "bamboo" bucket of boiling, drying for two or three months, sandpaper…… Take a few days to Bian Xi Liang grinding out a blank". Bian Xi Liang each completed a bamboo carving works, are one of the most important process, pass the extension, every moment as shallow rubbings prints, called bamboo carving works of rubbings, without rubbing, it is definitely not a complete collection. Today, the North sent superb lost face the plight of bamboo. Looking for successor, Bian Bian became a "heart disease". "I refuse to take any payment for an apprentice." Bian Xi Liang said, "my teacher in the van Jiean never received my money, I wouldn’t accept my apprentice money, I only hope that someone will be sent north bamboo carving skills handed down." That year, the 18 year old side of the river is very fond of calligraphy, the family blocked, he stole writing, taking advantage of the family came back before the paper and pen, but the ink smell, can not deceive people. One day, he went to the studio to copy copybook, meet the North sent Festival: bamboo ienori grandson, is under the tutelage of Mr. Fan in the course of contacts for 20 years until his death in 2001, Mr. fan. Zhang Zhiyu, founder of North sent bamboo carving in the front door once Quangyechang had a studio called an art agency, sent dozens of people, an apprentice, but few people study the bamboo carving, van Jiean is one of them, and Mr Fan’s apprentice, have only one side of Xi Liang, a single dilemma, continues today. "If I can’t find the disciple, how can I explain to the master!" Bian Xi Liang frowned, leave no successor situation, make him worried. Mention Shoutu threshold, Bian Xi Liang said,.相关的主题文章: